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I don't think all blacks are animals; I'm sure some are decent people.

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Gardabei 19.08.2018
You mean like these leftist Antifa serving a beat down to some people who disagreed with their assertions?
Mozragore 29.08.2018
When selective pressures remain stable, you're going to have stability in genetics too.
Shaktill 01.09.2018
This line of concern could be directed at many religions, not just Christianity.
Shagul 05.09.2018
Regardless, it was the Church who commissioned the art.
Dousar 08.09.2018
In practice, yes. but the founders all had different ideas as to who should interpret the constitution, and many thought everyone should decide at all levels, even up till nullification or secession.
Kajibei 11.09.2018
You mean the parts of the old law that were inconvenient or unattractive to new followers in Paul's time fade away.
Gukinos 15.09.2018
I have a question however, remember when Jesus went to the mount of olives to pray? Well, if you read the Bible, his three disciples were asleep quite a far distance and in the Bible it was written (by whom?) that his tears were running down like ..... I cannot recall right now -please read the verses- and he was praying to Yahweh or El. Ok so far so good. Now please tell me, since his disciples were ASLEEP and far away IN THE DARKNESS who the hell saw his tears and heard his prayers to write them down? And please spare me that it was the "Holy Spirit", because it seems that the Holy Spirit was drunk, reading the different and contradictory narrations of the Gospels!
Dam 24.09.2018
It means that all other gods are subordinate to the One Creator, the God of gods. If any of the other gods refuses to serve the God of gods, that insubordinate one is a false god, acting outside of his authority and mission.
Kajicage 29.09.2018
Name one piece of evidence from those hundreds of people.
Kajile 08.10.2018
It probably wasn't grandmas best received em of the day. Then again, if he texted any other girls, it may have been. : )
Gosar 15.10.2018
I would've said this
Togor 19.10.2018
"How do you explain prisoners suddenly becoming homosexual?"
Gardajas 25.10.2018
I don't know what to assume!
Bashura 27.10.2018
Well...I believe that the Temple being restored today in Israel would be a sign that God's Word is close to being completely fulfilled.
Maur 04.11.2018
She looks at me like that then go ahead have your way with me
Meztirr 11.11.2018
Kids 13. let her cut her hair how she wants. If it's a goofy cut, there's a good chance she'll look back on it when she's older and laugh at herself.
Zulkilrajas 21.11.2018
I didn't specifically ask for your support , everything on this forum is based on opinions , what I said was based upon observations and knowing lots of different people , could I be wrong , well of course I could be .
Gardataur 23.11.2018
Sorry, I don?t see the contradiction.
Kazrarg 28.11.2018
Your attitude is contrary to inquiry. THAT is the attitude which supports enslavement.
Tubar 06.12.2018
Dishonest is comparing religion with math and science. They are not the same at all and cannot be compared. Religion is more like philosophy. It can be debated and certain claims can be shown to hold more or less truth than others or to be logically superior/inferior but I don't know how to prove a belief and because you make the "cheap and dishonest" comparison between religion and math rather than answer my question I'm guessing that means you don't either. Either that or you just don't know what religion is to begin with in which case this might not be the best forum for you.
Kajora 08.12.2018
Pink peppercorns are really good! And your exotic flowers are gorgeous, which, of course, includes your rock Lili! ??
Moshura 14.12.2018
My father, who served in the South Pacific felt the same way. One thing he couldn't figure out is how a PT Boat, which is basically a large speedboat can be rammed by a Destroyer.
Voll 22.12.2018
Four more yrs of the puff diver ----Please say it won't take place JM
Gabei 24.12.2018
The geologic evidence shows there were many great floods. Its in the public record. The rocks show many disasters in the natural history. It's only a question of when they happened and how widespread the damage to life.
Vujar 03.01.2019
Something like that.... As I said tooooooooo ! ! Sexy.?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Wrong Image. ?? ??
Gardalkis 11.01.2019
Yes, actually, they have. We've had crazy prophets like you trying to predict the end of the world for centuries. So far, nothing. The "End Times" have been around for hundreds of years, because people like you look forward to everyone dying. Your fatalistic, bloodthirsty religious beliefs are atrocious.
Tarn 19.01.2019
If you own anything besides the clothes on you back.
Goltizilkree 22.01.2019
Is there a lot of active sparring? That's where I could see it going off the rails. At that point, space is not an issue. If ya'll are getting in the ring together (or practice mat, or whatever) you could be in the middle of central park and there still wouldn't be enough room.
Sashicage 29.01.2019
My salary is 0 at the moment ??
Dusho 06.02.2019
Now refs made the part in the first 3 games.
Aralkis 15.02.2019
1. Yes, they are.


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