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I don't know what to tell you then. We live in a country with laws. Laws that restrict what you can do and what you can say. Sometimes it makes you do things you'd rather not do. I had to sign up for selective service when I was 18, because I'm a guy. I have to pay my taxes on time. I have to appear for jury duty when summoned, even if I don't really want to.

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Arazshura 19.08.2018
"Attempting to us...."
Doshakar 28.08.2018
Texans don't seem to be moving as their property taxes keep going up and up.
Kigashakar 01.09.2018
Those that mess up is unable to do that. The mess is just getting bigger.
Faemuro 02.09.2018
Except it DOES.
Negami 07.09.2018
Culturally I am Scottish it does not make me an automatic supporter of the Church of Scotland. Sanders is a Socialist very left wing American politician.
Akinosho 09.09.2018
But, again, this is about a generic creator. No background story.
Sagrel 19.09.2018
Just the tip is a proven winner! Lol
Zuluk 23.09.2018
I thought you were a citizen of the United Federation of Planets?
Doran 03.10.2018
Then run like crazy. . . .
Moogukree 04.10.2018
You do not need to thank me for your stupidity. You manage that entirely on your own. I get that economics are over your head, but mathematics? Sheesh. That's pathetic.
Zuhn 11.10.2018
Got any mainstream Jewish opinions to back up "circumcision isn't essential to the culture"
Akinotilar 19.10.2018
Unfortunately, it pretty much does. The United States is the only country in the world with as much liberty as we have. Liberty is barely hanging on here, as it is.
Tonris 20.10.2018
California's excessive government just got reined in...
JoJogul 22.10.2018
LMFAO. YOU are wrong. Military style weapons are sold in gun stores. AR-15 and many other types of what even the MILITARY calls military style weapons are sold in gun stores, on the internet and gun shows. And don't blame the Brady Bill for the loophole of no background checks at gun shows and internet sales.
Dizil 28.10.2018
I got turned off by the fake acting models on ads eating a McRib. Normal people don't do those expressions! Plus they pretend "got messy" on their face.
Shalrajas 30.10.2018
To these people, EVERYTHING is about "race".
Yomuro 02.11.2018
Again, peer review is the best process we have come up with to ensure accuracy and honesty in scientific research. Again, YouTube videos are not valid science. Again, creationists lack the cognitive capacity to comprehend this.
Mekasa 11.11.2018
As if that proves the existence of this god of yours.
Vijar 15.11.2018
Still better than
Shaktirr 24.11.2018
Agreed I would?ve just hired somebody that I didn?t know


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