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Easy answer: No. You don't get to tell other people what to do. Period. End of story.

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Arara 02.08.2018
That's always the argument, but I think particularly in a small jurisdiction like Ontario that the vast majority of economic activity is based on what is going on around us, and that Ontario tax policy isn't going to be a major influence on tax revenues on way or the other.
Tojashura 03.08.2018
Yeah, hers was difficult. Parents made it an uncomfortable environment for her. When I watched the video, I was just lol'ing at the old lady who was like: she's a teacher! She's not supposed to do stuff like that lol.
Motilar 06.08.2018
Not necessarily retirement, but we plan to be there for a while. I guess I could redo the PVC that is apparently there for the incoming water line. I think the realtor said something about the sewer line being cleaned out and repaired recently (that could be on another house though). As for the PEX, I was thinking about running a continuous line from the Mani-block to the fixtures with no joints. I have heard that it doesn't split easily. Have you heard anything about that?
Malakazahn 16.08.2018
Do you believe that Jesus is God? If not, how would you describe Him?
Nigul 21.08.2018
"Life" doesn't have much bearing on the laws. There are reasons why rights accrue at birth.
Shakticage 24.08.2018
What you ask for is Science education; On that subject you must do your part , IMO is the responsible thing to do. (If you care to read my older posts you will find THAT particular explanation).
Disar 25.08.2018
HOW AMAZING! A day goes by, and finally somebody corrects the op. I was hoping this would never happen to get another last laugh. Good enough to keep the status quo going, I have to stick around
Kazralrajas 27.08.2018
I always do that to my boyfriend. Cos I know what he's going to ask (not always rude stuff, but often).
Faebei 05.09.2018
Expectation #1 Met: Assumption that anyone defending Christians is a Christian with ad hom leveled at my poor Christian behavior.
Akimi 12.09.2018
Most rapists never even get accused in the first place.
Gunris 13.09.2018
I keep reading your name as "dragon shart".
Aram 22.09.2018
Slambooks instead of online bullying.
Nejora 01.10.2018
So it's only some people that have the "right" to work for change?
Dasar 11.10.2018
I'm not sure how familiar you are with this channel but we don't appreciate smartass here.
Dabar 20.10.2018
Perhaps because they're not engaging in literary criticism, and the most poetic passages aren't the outlandish ones.
Gukree 21.10.2018
There are no such thing as Christians, just deluded folk in denial of the truth.
Goltimi 23.10.2018
Sky's falling, hey?
Grogar 25.10.2018
Provable Science and True Scripture from God should match.
Zulkiktilar 03.11.2018
Organs meaning uteruses
Zuramar 04.11.2018
"Sadly, religious Faith is used to justify holding on to ideas that should have been abandoned long ago."
Yozshugami 12.11.2018
Those are the words of paul, not GOD.


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