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He came all over me! (Cum fail)

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back from anime central, well that was a week ago... but my favorite cosplay was this

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Com drunk college teen
Com drunk college teen
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Nazahn 03.07.2018
These predictions of yours are based on what, an NDP government or a PC one?
Tukinos 08.07.2018
The Orthodox Church did not side with Stalin. That was the innovationists living movement schism, who sided with Stalin, not the Church. I understand why you are not informed about Russian history; the West generally does not know the truth about the ROC, still less about ROCOR. For details ask for more information."no such atheist organization, ideology, or motivation existed to support the prosecution of the war." That is propaganda and not truth. Stalin was an atheist.
Yonos 15.07.2018
?A friend will bail you out of jail... a true friend will drive you to the hospital when you?re fcuked to death and lecture you about your prolapsed anus!?
Kazrabar 22.07.2018
Same with my fiance's boss-tell me the story
Voodooramar 30.07.2018
There are rules for posting articles here. The summary has to be from the article itself to summarize the contents. I don't get to add my own words in the summary otherwise I certainly would have explained the only pic in the article, and the one I used, was the only one contained in the article. That's why I've been here explaining in the comments to folks that the pic is of the victim.
Akisida 04.08.2018
Okay, so you looked up a few stats to justify your anger and racism. Racism is not about statistics, bubba. Its an irrational view of people of another race. Statistics change all the time. There are plenty of explanations for the stats you gave. But they are beyond your comprehension, because you don't live in our skin or our community. Those things are necessary to develop a real frame of reference for the subject at hand.
Akinora 06.08.2018
You are becoming a troll.
Kezilkree 16.08.2018
I don't think it's actually that. If this was about her ego, she would have stepped down as Premier a few months ago, and let someone else lead the party to defeat... exactly like McGuinty and Harris did.
Munris 18.08.2018
Sure, it increases the wealth of the business owners more than it decreases the wealth of the workers that are affected, so overall it might be a good, but it is a negative for low skilled American workers.
Jutaxe 22.08.2018
Damn that's a scary situation! Only thing scarier in my book is waking up hearing the Tornado sirens blasting you out of a deep sleep.
Mazuzragore 28.08.2018
I'm reminded of things I don't usually think of. It's pretty much endless the absurdities and oppressions.
Shaktitaur 30.08.2018
The point is irrelevant anyway re: defending beliefs for or against the supernatural.
Mezizuru 09.09.2018
They we?re triggered and acted like spoiled children, yes I agree.
Mezigar 14.09.2018
You mean composed on behalf of his alleged life and equally alleged teachings.
Taushicage 17.09.2018
I stand by my comment.
Tujin 26.09.2018
Guilty by the virtue of being born, I take it?
Kagam 30.09.2018
Just got back from voting.
Gozshura 09.10.2018
Did you try the dip too?! ERMAHGERD!
JoJom 17.10.2018
Very cute. Are you 12? Shouldn't you be in school?
Malataur 23.10.2018
Must be a Big 12 thing.
Kazishicage 26.10.2018
For some reason racism and sexism is funny to the left. I don't get it, but hey, to each their own.
Tojind 30.10.2018
What is a suicide panicjk attack?
Daibei 01.11.2018
Dude, he's already got a half dozen guilty pleas!! Again, factually incorrect.
Maramar 06.11.2018
It was stupid. What point were you attempting to make?
Kelkree 10.11.2018
"I am inclined to believe that he was fictional."
Faern 19.11.2018
Ha. I don't like a hairy back either. Thankfully, it didn't bother my mom otherwise I wouldn't be here.


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