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I?m not avoiding anything. You are welcome to make an argument or you can not. That?s up to you.

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Dusar 17.08.2018
No, that's not true at all. Or at least I don't believe it is. I've miscarried and really didn't feel anything but cramps and some sadness. There was no ghost zygote.
Kajim 21.08.2018
Yes I do! I know that you know stuffy stuff!
Yozshuzil 24.08.2018
They are to blame for their condition.
Fenriktilar 02.09.2018
Catalonia was an independent Kingdom for a long time in History. Franko put paid to all that by force. To my mind they are in a similar situation to Scotland - British for 300 years having signed a treaty. Unfortunately in Catalonia's case Spain has reneged on many of the terms of that treaty - and so they have every right to be miffed and want OUT.
Shaktijinn 09.09.2018
valid point, however proof doesn't mean absence
Voodoora 10.09.2018
Why is slavery wrong? The global economy still relies on cheap labour, or machines doing everything. How is that not slavery?
Mausho 13.09.2018
If a good guy gets harassed it's a bad thing
Magami 20.09.2018
First offense gets thrown out if no other babies are killed in a six month period.
Kazrajin 25.09.2018
perhaps it is the second coming for an individual , but I cannot see that it pertains to the last days when Christ will return and rapture His church and all those who believe .
Gardagor 28.09.2018
Low moral values. Lack of honesty. Selfishness. Lack of responsibility. Lack of politeness and manners.
JoJotaxe 04.10.2018
I'm into profound-sounding one-liners today :)
Kir 14.10.2018
it isn't an issue. It's a strawman.
Totilar 17.10.2018
Haven't done that in 40 years. May have to throwback and try again.
Mushicage 18.10.2018
Pretty simple trick. Seen plenty like that in Edinburgh and other places.


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