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protectionism and isolationism have never worked, even way back with the smoot Hawley bill, contributing to the great depression and no one, at that time, had ever heard of the word globalization. Negotiations on trade, sure, but that's not what we have with Trump. For instance pulling out of the TPP has resulted in the RCEP China's new economic plan, excluding the US and now the G7 in the G6+1 stupid move by the orange one.

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City of phoenix adult softball
City of phoenix adult softball
City of phoenix adult softball
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Lucky! How was your trip to Mexico?
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Ok, Can an eyewitness to the events live that long to tell the story?
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What logical fallacy does it rely on?
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Enough about the moderation, judge.judy. Deleted.
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... that?s not that hard.
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Certain ones now? Smh
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I'm the inside. I like being made feel warm and protected on the inside in the spoon. : )
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No, just a Masters. Not a professor.
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All Marxists may like the colour red.
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I?m turning 29 next month!!! I?m almost one year away from not being called a baby anymore at work!! Lol
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They escaped Putin's agents once; twice shy.
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That's what she said.
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Actually, He succeeded. Not just because people are still talking about Him 2k years later. His goal was to create a new man. A man that has His spirit living inside of him. A man like me. Filled with the joy, peace and hope of knowing HIM.
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Okay; I've just bought her book on
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Yes, it is.
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I have learned that atheists aren't interested in learning, and are too proud to admit that they are wrong. So I bring the message, and leave it in God's hands whom to convince.
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You're the one making comparisons. I made a mostly true joke and provided evidence to support it.
Dut 21.09.2018
It's lousy because most of the posts in it are from YOU.
Fenrikinos 27.09.2018
So you understand abortion isn't murder ... and instead you resort to wishing harm on another human being you disagree with ..?
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It says a lot that democrats are hitching their BlueWave wagon to a failed health care law.


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