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your ignorance of the USA is astounding. Congress spends the money, not the POTUS.
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People do or do not do good or bad stuff. - I agree.
Kelar 28.04.2018
The girls here were slacking off and had some list pulled up then yelled out that Virgo is Maleficent
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But it takes Orthodox moyels speading herpes via oral suction circumcision (that's correct they perform the ritual on infants with the biblical tools of their ragged, diseased teeth and lips)
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Im down with your weirdness
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Obama and Hillary told the Dems & media to blindly resist and that's what they've done, but like all advice from those two, it was worse than worthless.
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A succinct summation of the whole religion industry!
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You could have said "Not yet."
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No, it doesn't. That document does not found a Christian nation. It merely uses wording that other nations understood because it's a declaration of war.
Voodoogal 10.06.2018
Good for you. But my purpose here is merely to bring the message, and NOT to convince. So, whatever you do, do not attempt to give any of your false credit to me. You are either convinced or unconvinced upon your own knowledge.
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I wouldn't be bothered that it was men, but I do struggle when people are invited and I knew nothing about it.
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With warm diet Coke.
Shakinos 08.07.2018
I was also a young fool in the 70's. I lived near Harvard Square and was into counterculture and drugs, mostly for the drugs. Drugs for us was pot and beer with the occasional hit of acid. I also feel like that was a different life somehow, who I have become is so far from that.
Kazik 11.07.2018
I asked you to provide examples supporting your OP and you refused.
Baktilar 16.07.2018
Christians have no bias against anyone
Malar 23.07.2018
And yet, in the US we have many examples of Christian ideology and theology into our laws and other things. Examples are Christians pushing laws like DOMA or anti-abortion laws, or prayers in schools. Look at the current administration, surrounded by Evangelicals.
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I was hoping you'd get the message from me thrusting it at you constantly!
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Not too cold, and not too hot, is just right!
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Sorry, i was having too much fun


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