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Just Plain Greedy - Scene 4

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Sin is sin, practicing homosexual is no more of a sin than adultery. God doesn't have anything to deal with. Nothing surprises Him. It is a choice , just like you can choose to tell lies or not.

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Zulkizragore 24.07.2018
Read what I wrote. If not, provide what I asked for...im still waiting.
Kekus 28.07.2018
he shouldn't be anywhere near a cell phone XD
Gardakazahn 30.07.2018
Being on top does not mean gravity will do its thing
Golkree 03.08.2018
LOSER!!!!!! hmph liberal, chump, loser, I see you see.......same shit, different pile.
Kazraramar 06.08.2018
I agree , I have always believed that God created the heaven and the earth , as it says in verse 1 , to me this was a done deal . the scriptures teach that there was a war in Heaven , where Lucifer along with 1/3 of the angels went against God , Lucifer lost the battle , and he was cast down to this earth , now if this war had took place at some later date , then Lucifer would not have been in the garden of Eden .
Tebar 14.08.2018
If this little island has a Russian troll this guy is it,
Sazilkree 23.08.2018
Prayer has been scientifically proven effective.
Tukasa 01.09.2018
Only some people would. The smart ones would actually ask questions.
Bratilar 09.09.2018
Smh....just hire me
Nikolrajas 12.09.2018
Don't freakin' bore me with the law. I know the law, lib.
Shakakinos 16.09.2018
Were you making a similar accusation against the MSM during the Obama years? That, at least, would have been accurate.
Gujinn 26.09.2018
You mean like your $7.25 per hour?
Arazahn 05.10.2018
lmao, you are so FRANTIC!!!!!
Voodooshicage 08.10.2018
~Up...when his wife dies, I wept like...nope.
Mok 15.10.2018
They are stupid fvckers.
Shaktiran 24.10.2018
Did you know that California wine, some of the best in the world, CANNOT even be displayed on store shelves in Canada?
Vosida 03.11.2018
Ok so advanced science class is closed for you now. Go back to 101
Vudocage 10.11.2018
Do we not all have baggage? These are two people who are well matched. They both share an interest in philanthropy and you can just tell how much warmth and generosity they both emit. Meghan's mom cultivated an interest in helping others that Meghan carried on and developed further in herself. I think these two are going to be really happy together.
Fezuru 20.11.2018
Perhaps, but it's a leer or a stare if biology wins, and an appreciative glance if cognition wins (but doesn't mind admitting that biology makes a good point).
Yozshujora 28.11.2018
Those who stop learning gain frail minds.
Tenris 06.12.2018
Lets here your theory to refute white scientist. Time for u to run to hide your ignorance. Lol
Gardataur 07.12.2018
This is a 'damned by association' trick very popular among those without cogent arguments. It's a race to be first in labelling someone as 'NAZI' or a 'Hitler' so as to terminate all debate. The end result is terminal 'NAZI Fatigue'?.
Gardazil 09.12.2018
Care to enunciate and source these attributes and principles of moral judgment from this god of yours. Claim is not synonymous with proof.
Mikasar 18.12.2018
If that?s the case, I digress. I can tell you that there are few righties (if any) that are anti-pipeline.
Kegami 18.12.2018
How is ownig people and treating them as your property wrong? Are you sure that needs answering?
Meztigore 26.12.2018
And now it's biting the republican caucus in the butt. So don't go blaming the Democrats for a 100% self-created problem.
Kigall 28.12.2018
Paul persecuted Christians left and right before his conversion. That alone should tell you he'd "heard" of Jesus, or of his followers and the teaching if nothing else.
Katilar 02.01.2019
You could try asking for help on Disqus' "The Dawg House" Channel (their version of the Emerald City, where the Wizard might be able to help you). That's where grievances are posted. ??
JoJolkis 08.01.2019
You have lost every argument due to your lack of knowledge. Do you know how to run a business? The person at the cash register is your most important worker. The cash register is the point of purchase. Its where the business makes a profit or loses money. And you are so dumb as to think they are worth less? You are dumber than a bag of hammers.
Tojarr 14.01.2019
If Pilate truly did not want him executed then may be he was not........The Romans did not want to empower the Pharises


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