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I?m not trolling, I am asking an honest question.

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Megul 18.03.2018
Not sure, but it is some form of social media, FB I presume?
Mishura 22.03.2018
can you live with half of your body sawn off
Arashir 28.03.2018
Awwwww, such a triggered little bigot :(
Zulkitaur 04.04.2018
Most abortions are done when the fetus is about the size of a dime. What you are talking about is illegal unless the woman's life is in danger. It should be. This is a very difficult issue, hard to think about. When you're religious you don't have to think about these difficult issues do you? In fact you don't have to think at all. Just accept what your cult leaders tell you without ever checking to see if they're right. They aren't. Once you're a Christian you are wrong about EVERYTHING.
Moogunos 07.04.2018
Joseph's age isn't mentioned in the Bible. The only place it is mentioned is in Apocrypha. There's no evidence supporting anything about his age. But then, there's no evidence that Jesus even existed, either.
Jum 16.04.2018
Nice list Lefty, well done!
Tuhn 20.04.2018
I am a qualified biologist. I *am* an expert.
Vojora 28.04.2018
There is no evidence it exsisted before the fist century, that is the issue
Kigis 09.05.2018
Trump voter then?? ;)
Vorn 14.05.2018
This is a completely asinine statement. Everyone wants to demonize Trump for separating families. He almost immediately put out an executive order stopping it after he heard about it. This was going on while Obama was in office. The only difference is that Trump is actually directing the government to enforce the immigration laws that congress has passed, so the number of affected people have increased. Don't like the laws? Get congress to change them, that's not Trump's fault. Don't like how he's enforcing them? He made a change, and did it quickly after it came to light...so what exactly are you judging him for? And then extending that to others in the administration and calling them child abusers? The problem isn't that the people you're referring to are complacent, because they aren't. The problem is that you're intellectually lazy.
Kazrazragore 22.05.2018
Who are you kidding? You don't think.
Yozshurisar 29.05.2018
And thank God we're in a country where we can debate this subject without being hunted down and put on death row for blasphemy, like in Pakistan in 2008.
Feshakar 02.06.2018
No, Miller was an autocrat, and made the worst transit mistake in Toronto history. Tory has flaws but is infinitely better.
Nicage 04.06.2018
I'm almost 76 years old and I was considered old when I got married at 25. I don't believe there is more pressure on men or women to get married or have relationships now than when I was growing up


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