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I could only bend that way if struck by a car doing 50.....

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Brarisar 11.05.2018
I agree that the misrepresentaition should be cause for at least voiding the contract, but I'm sorry, buying a house sight unseen (You didn't get into the house with a chance to poke around) is very, very unwise.
Got 19.05.2018
Hilarius is actually pretty good about it. It helps that he knows his stuff and isn't consumed by rage-ahol. There's a couple on the boards though...
Goltigami 23.05.2018
'Morn, Lady Z....
Kazrazshura 25.05.2018
definitly not worth your time.. youdeserve the best, buddy
Tugis 03.06.2018
Mods who use their power to bully posters shouldn't be mods.
Brara 12.06.2018
Ah right. I forgot about those pesky morals of the far past.
Nirisar 16.06.2018
So anything that happens outside of sphere of observance is just a story. So in other words your answer to my question is no. It's interesting you bring up a black hole completely unobservable, yet I would assume you still believe they exist due to the fact you bring them up. The question is why do you believe they exist if they are unobservable that is antithical to your statement?
Zologal 27.06.2018
If I kill you, you know who to blame ??
Zulkizuru 04.07.2018
I get that, although the gym's and the class' policy was co-ed, so they should have known there could be guys there at any time, right?
Daizragore 10.07.2018
Not an opinion - FACT.
Faejora 13.07.2018
I certainly would not. I view birth control, or pregnancy prevention, as something very different from abortion. The Pill, IUD's, condoms, and yes, abstinence, reflect a desire to prevent the undesired outcome. Abortions reflect a desire to avoid the consequences of questionable choices (outside of a very narrow range of conditions).
Salrajas 19.07.2018
It is decreasing according to every poll on the subject. Your attempt at mitigating it by using a "no true Scotsman" fallacy is noted.
Shajin 22.07.2018
H didnt make them that way, things have happened to them that have made them that way.
Malahn 01.08.2018
I'm surprised she hasn't brought up Deerborn, MI, and how its Jihad Heaven.
Shami 02.08.2018
Some wonderful and thoughtful comments so far. I am greatly heartened, so thanks and
Vudolabar 06.08.2018
And nice deflection.
Kazrazahn 13.08.2018
Yeah it seems that way, I just don't get it whats my lot ? The con's around here think I'm a lib , the Lib's seem to think I am a con ...... I like to think of my self as neither .
Kajigore 22.08.2018
Im just wondering what your point is.
Dushura 27.08.2018
I see. So just because the number of drunk drivers has been more or less constant, we should not be vigilant to drinking and driving? What a crock of bullshit!
Kisida 06.09.2018
To know what? The simple statement "This procedure will destroy the embryo or fetus you're carrying" would communicate the same information seeing an ultrasound or listening to a fetal heartbeat could.
Tojakus 07.09.2018
Because it never has; it has been dragged, screaming and kicking, against its will, into the modern world.
Fer 17.09.2018
There are countless small town rubes who once were citiots.
Vonris 18.09.2018
And I'm only 79 - saved by a year :)
Kiran 28.09.2018
I'm a religious atheist. Of course there is value in religion -- the community, the rituals, the ethical teachings. You don't have to believe in god to appreciate any of it.
Vuzilkree 28.09.2018
In this case, the baker was well known for his religious views. He would not make custom cakes for Halloween or for celebrating a divorce. He offered the couple any of the premade cakes, and offered to give them icing and applicators for free. He objected to customizing a cake that celebrated an event he was religiously opposed to. The couple had been customers for some time of his, having ordered a birthday cake at least once, and purchasing other items. This wedding cake was the only thing he had refused to do for them.
Zudal 29.09.2018
If these right wing nut jobs see the intro to Terminator (where the robots roll over human skulls) They would claim it is a documentary from some European country they couldn't point out on a map if their life depended on it.
Samum 05.10.2018
I had a vasectomy and it doesn't diminish at all my sexual capability or will, some men are afraid it will render them less sexual and stuff and there's lots of ignorance about it, in this day and age it's a safe simple surgery and doesn't impact your sex life at all, you have to avoid getting aroused for like 5 days after surgery but that's really the only con.
Kijinn 11.10.2018
Then you're smarter than I think you are.
Kesida 20.10.2018
Atheism did not produce Stalin and Hitler. In fact, one could make the case that Christianity had much more to do with what they were since both were raised Christian.
Mazujind 27.10.2018
Salvation of the soul.
Mikalmaran 28.10.2018
I said nothing about her weight.
Yozshutaxe 30.10.2018
Monogamous marriage is not a Christian invention.


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