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?? Yes, it?s rather surreal l. Glad I made it somewhat intact. But what a trip it?s been! Heading out for a little fun time. ??

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Voodook 15.06.2018
I ask for Human Rights and this is probably the most prominent sin that I commit. Most of the religions in this world just ignore the value of human rights, unfortunately. Maybe, they don't have any values for humans as some respectable entity in itself.
Mezizshura 19.06.2018
I am not sure if our steel and aluminum is a threat to their national security as much as our open door policy is....I think Trump has serious trouble accepting JT's priority list and all the associated what if's...
Meztijar 26.06.2018
The graves of veterans of the war of 1812 in my community beg to differ. They are the ancestors of the living members of my community, and are honoured by my country with plaques that recognize their contribution.
Shakashicage 05.07.2018
Guess your house already washed away.
Negore 08.07.2018
How dare you not use capital letters!!!
Metaur 10.07.2018
Best of luck.
Mikak 21.07.2018
Your original comment:
Akiran 23.07.2018
It is only religion, and its outlandish standards for how we ought to relate to one another, that has given us the false dichotomy of "selfish" vs. "unselfish." Our natural instincts to take care of both ourselves and others are hijacked when we internalize negative messages about ourselves or demonize others as "evil" and therefore unworthy of our care. It is much easier to accept our own limitations if we can accept that there is no God trying to compel us to transcend those limitations.
Garan 30.07.2018
As opposed to hateful, rightist Christians. Trump for example.
Arashik 02.08.2018
My advice? No.
Vugore 06.08.2018
Well, extended synthesis supporters do believe evolution happens much more rapidly than gradualists believe. All I really think is that the more DNA testing is done, the more evolutionary theory is going to be shaken up.
JoJodal 10.08.2018
Yes, yes he does.....
Yonos 15.08.2018
But God tells us the truth of what we are: We are sinners so we cannot be the little gods you suggest without Him. The "proof is in the pudding." 8)
Mazut 22.08.2018
Not really in the future though. That rate will be 12 percent overall in Europe by 2050 and likely will be over 20 percent of France by then. With a decline in Christianity by people leaving religion and by lowered birth rates of Christian or formerly Christian Europeans, what will 2100 Paris look like? I don't care about numbers of Hispanics in America or Africans in Europe and I don't care if the population of the world is completely brown in 3000 AD. I care about preserving freedoms that Muslims and other religious people oppose on the grounds of religious beliefs.
Arazuru 27.08.2018
That is incorrect.
Dairr 04.09.2018
"Are you equating free markets with the incestous military industrial complex or any other corrupt government dispensation program?"
Sara 14.09.2018
Only through the union of man and woman can any family naturally be created. Families are the building blocks of society--no society can endure without them. This is why there is a vested state and societal interest in the only type of relationship capable of giving to society what it needs but cannot otherwise obtain in order to exist into the next generation--new human beings. Marriage is the states way of encouraging lifelong commitment in relationships that, as a group and as a rule, create new citizens.
Kigagar 15.09.2018
Seems like God is weaker than tanks - Judges 1:19.
Dikazahn 19.09.2018
That's because there hasn't been a cogent, intelligent explanation to help us understand.
Ket 27.09.2018
"Is it really worth the risk? rejecting God out of some bias or prejudice from hearsay? or because its trendy and sociable? "
Shanris 01.10.2018
You shouldn't take offense at not understanding consciousness. :-)
Goltirn 04.10.2018
Homophobia doesn't exist. My thoughts were plenty clear enough. You unholy hypocrites are worse than any so-called holy hypocrites (which don't exist, btw.)
Gardagal 09.10.2018
New improved Iran deal and Trumpcare coming any day now, right?


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