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He seemed to have noticed that too so he stopped laughing and just looked away.

Little Slut Knows How to Suck Own Dick Hard

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I'm good with your argument, friend, appreciate it.^

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Shalkis 29.06.2018
The way you endlessly use mocking memes as an argument, you have got to be no older than 17 years old. You add zero value to any thread you post in.
Tara 06.07.2018
That's the intellectually mature thing to do when you don't know an answer. Regurgitating word salad or flinging insults when you get stumped actually makes you look worse than a simple honest "I'm not sure yet, we'll have to see".
Shaktir 14.07.2018
Surrender to whatever that is
Vizahn 19.07.2018
Your experience of faith, the fact you believe something without any proof is a real thing to you. Every religion I tried; if my faith was strong enough I believed and felt it's cannon. But how does that relate to what is the reality we all share? IMVHO if you take something on faith and someone from another culture has equal but different faith in something else; how do you determine who is really seeing the world as it is?
Dasida 25.07.2018
You are very confused.
Medal 28.07.2018
Please FR, you are too smart to conflate political ideologies with atheism
Zolosida 01.08.2018
What's L3-6rons finals record again?
Zolobei 06.08.2018
Holy cannoli - your family reunions must be epic :)
Fegore 12.08.2018
Not true. Look at his behaviors. The Court referred to them. Not possible to logically say he is bigoted. That accusation is merely a device - a ploy - to bully and silence people.
Tujora 15.08.2018
In South and Central America?
Goltiramar 20.08.2018
I think people from outside the US are more interested in US laws and policies than vice versa.
Gozragore 30.08.2018
it's not even close to equal. the EU disproportionately benefits from their relationship with America. they have a lot more to gain than America does.
Yozshukazahn 06.09.2018
What is the use? To establish whether Christianity has been lying to us all on two fronts:
Nigul 08.09.2018
Anyone at one of those "rallies" in Bezerkley are asking to get rapped in the head.. I don't condone it but review any footage and you will not find any one "side" that is without violent intentions... Your point ?
Met 11.09.2018
Read the transcript and testimony. He was asked to create a cake for a homosexual "wedding." They did not just go into the shop and try to pick out one that was already created. So, that sincere Christian would have been creating something to facilitate sin. That is unreasonable to ask.
Turisar 12.09.2018
smash? his head through the glass? Sure, why not.
Mazugor 18.09.2018
Would you rather the Religion Channel on Disqus just be a circle-jerk about how great Christianity is? We're here to discuss(hence the name disqus) things about religion. If you don't like the discussion, don't join it. It's pretty simple.
Taucage 19.09.2018
The joke had nothing to do with killing babies. I'm assuming you didn't get it.
Makus 27.09.2018
We aren't supposed to understand these things but if we accept them then when we go to Heaven God and Jesus will explain it all to us over some good pot and a heaping plate of chocolate chip cookies made with oatmeal, containing not only pecans but walnuts too because it's Heaven!
Malagul 04.10.2018
You want to discuss Christianity on the OP devoted to Muslim immigration. I guess you need to find someone with similar interests. Not me.
Tunris 07.10.2018
Siding with Putin?


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