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Paul had a vision he claimed was Jesus, and his writings were accepted as authentically Christian.

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Asian women have smaller vaginas
Asian women have smaller vaginas
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Tygolabar 03.08.2018
Congress is where investigations go to die.
Tusho 08.08.2018
Paul's theology is the same, this is clear;
Kazrajind 16.08.2018
Enough already with the concealed carry permits. You should be required to have the weapon visible. Situational awareness is important for us all.
Tushura 27.08.2018
You cannot always separate one from the other. Religion is a specific part of spirituality, involving traditions, culturals history, codes, songs, specific ceremonies, etc., etc. It can be anything. It can change, new things can start up...
Gojin 30.08.2018
You are almost right. Adam was one of God?s perfect creations. And I would even agree that he didn?t make a mistake. Instead, he
Akile 07.09.2018
In other words - it boils down to personal belief and not facts. As I thought.
Midal 07.09.2018
As long as they are alive tho. Amirite?!
Moogule 12.09.2018
And it looks like 8t was just a leg wax anyhow
Gar 19.09.2018
Nobody will carry that flame. As we have seen at the federal level.
Akinolrajas 20.09.2018
Tank u eye wil
Voodoogar 25.09.2018
Seems like you're the one confused-
Akijinn 04.10.2018
Those two or three words are without context Ralphie. Context means everything. Obama was never trying to divide us, but to unite us. If you felt Obama was against you, that is something you must solve internally.
Akigal 15.10.2018
Ya super witty and original for sure! Ahhh imitation.
Kagalmaran 20.10.2018
Hitler was a Catholic, and members of his party were only Catholics.
Taushakar 29.10.2018
What's up with the guy folding his arms like a girl lol.
Goltijas 06.11.2018
But he also had father and at least one brother. Shall we also worship these relatives? And what about other women mentioned there?
Goltigor 10.11.2018
Decency and sensitivity are not being demonstrated when all you do is justify yourself, indulge in some specialist terminology, and try to pawn off insults as decent and even intelligent behavior.
Shakinos 19.11.2018
Yeah, I don't find hte ontological argument the least bit powerful.
Nekasa 28.11.2018
Because he was not on their radar - most historical people weren't written up in history that has actually survived to the present day. but of course there is a heap of other evidence, such as the existence of the Christian church. You are dwelling in cranksville, and would do much better to go with expert opinion.
Tygotaur 04.12.2018
I have no interest in what Muslims think or believe. They worship a false god.
Vugore 07.12.2018
Nope, you do.
Targ 14.12.2018
Islam's holy books and Islam's mass murderer prophet, yes. Muslims - never. A harmful ideology is not something to be compassionate of or forgiven - it is something to be understood.
Kigagrel 17.12.2018
A very respectful reply !!
Meztijinn 22.12.2018
jews is a derogatory term created by the translators of the Masoretic text of the KJV. It did not exist in the paleo Hebrew or the Greek. n's are pre-adamic. Just as you are not descended from Ashkanaz. But I capitalize it because it is a proper name. :P hahaha
Ter 27.12.2018
Then we have the choice to live or be condemned. Is that not also self condemnation?
Malazilkree 28.12.2018
Regardless, Americans aren't stupid and the collective coordinated daily attacks on their president is backfiring Shawsy.
Kejora 07.01.2019
Vojora 10.01.2019
Okay, he just TOLD Trump to shove the wall up his ass. Got it. And then Trump was humiliated and TOLD democrats to bend over so he could shove it up their asses but they didn't so now he's going to shove it up his own ass, or find someone else? I think I've got your metaphor now. A good one.
Shamuro 12.01.2019
So? You want an echochamber? Join a different religious channel.
Fezahn 19.01.2019
At least you admit it.
Tezuru 24.01.2019
I don't legally have to pay her anything - I just want her to be alright, but I can't afford to pay the bills in 2 separate houses.
Akinole 01.02.2019
I've been constantly onto my 5 yr old already for doing just that.....


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