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We are a nation of people. Yes, of course religion comes into play in our laws. The difference is that as individuals we have a choice. In America we can protest laws we feel unfair and change them. Not true in other countries.

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Moogut 19.03.2018
I once passed through Windsor on my way to Florida. ;)
Akinotilar 28.03.2018
See above. And I am out of here before I'm in trouble. Did not mean to go off topic.
Dole 29.03.2018
In Ontario, the politics are basically - Whoever wins, Ontario Loses.
Tak 30.03.2018
YOU are the claimant. YOU have the burden of proof. If you can't meet it, which obviously you can't, you are a fraud. If you try to pass YOUR burden of proof on to me, as you are not attempting, you are a cheat.
Kajilkree 03.04.2018
When the time is right it will be right.
Mooguramar 05.04.2018
Remember, it's not a belief scale. What gives you so much certainty?
Fenrile 13.04.2018
So it's "lets not tell the kids about sex, then they won't do it" theory? What else to expect from an organization that ALL it's leaders have never raised children?
Targ 19.04.2018
I pity you.
Kazisar 20.04.2018
*GLARE* What the hell?
Arashill 29.04.2018
social democracy, and particularly the Nordic system is a balance of both socialism and capitalism, and uses the best of both worlds. Going too far in either direction will create problems.
Groshicage 06.05.2018
Well, I'm great with that seeing as how God doesn't exist.
Kaziran 14.05.2018
You haven't seen God, either. She told me.
Faem 19.05.2018
Very true...probably a few unwashed dick beaters on the stall latch.
Gusar 29.05.2018
I guess I don't see the point in even mentioning it??. But take care.
Arashakar 01.06.2018
Range from 3-20. Only the teens get calls
Mikagar 07.06.2018
How so? Let's face it, how hard is it for people who know the prophecies to write stories about their hero after his death that fit into the age old prophecies. Not hard at all. Then again, some of the stories are just a rehash of pagan stories.
Salrajas 10.06.2018
I had a guy play footsie with me under the table while his girlfriend was sitting there at the table with us in a pub. I was with my usual group of friends. I hardly even knew this couple and yet he was doing this a number of times. I didn't give him any reason to think I liked him. Certainly not in this way. We all went out a couple more times with this lot and he still tried to get close to me and even asked for a date. I said yes cos I wanted to see if he would go through with it or not. He rang me and called it all off. These kinds of guys are just sleazy. It wouldn't hurt to let Jake know about it. But one things for sure they always get found out in the end.
Mezibar 15.06.2018
I bet he?ll be talking about this for years!! Sounds like the time we took The Kid to the auto show when he was 3 & really into cars. We were there for 9 hours straight until he went digital, turned off & slept for 11 hours (a record for him!). He never napped anyway, so that part was not weird. What was bizarre? Not one meltdown. Zero. I wanted the car show every weekend, not just over Thanksgiving. Too bad he grew out of it! ??
Bashakar 19.06.2018
believin of such imaginary person is a cult.??
Tojinn 21.06.2018
Fatah is hilarious when he does comedy!!
Dalmaran 29.06.2018
I lived right down the street from the guy with the sister wives. The one on TV. Saw him at the liquor store routinely. LOL
Brashicage 29.06.2018
To the theist, it's not a lie. Do you know something they don't? ??
Zolorisar 08.07.2018
That is the assumption, but no outside record of such a practice or something close enough to guess that might be what is being referred to in archeology. Hence the remaining a mystery.
Femuro 15.07.2018
No. I'm saying your question appears to be a straw man put forth in some unsophisticated attempt to rationalize an apparently misguided perception that Christians are somehow unfairly persecuted... But, if you can point me to a particular forum where atheists in general can't distinguish a fundamentalist from a moderate in any religion, let alone compare and contrast them to one another and I can see that evidence for myself, then I might be compelled to acquiesce to your point of view.
Aralar 23.07.2018
this isnt my poll, I am just pointing out that if one doesnt know much about Islamic doctrine from Islamic sources than one cant really have an answer.
Mojinn 29.07.2018
Just open all the borders. Anyone without a visa, immediately gets transported into a sanctuary city.
Shakale 30.07.2018
I just thought you might want to know that she was talking about that and not your chapter. Take it for what it is.
Shakagar 09.08.2018
Me too, I have never used sites like Tinder nor do I plan to


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