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it may be a gloomy monday there, but like usual, you brought sunlight to mine!!!

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Shakazil 29.06.2018
Very sad indeed
Mikalmaran 08.07.2018
My argument is that those genealogies do not relate to physical ancestors, but spiritual ancestors. Are you familiar with the term used by religious groups today of "spiritual parents"? The spiritual parents "birth" a convert, that is, they teach him the message and presumably after much effort and prayer, teaching, the person is "born" as a full fledged member. That sort of thing. I met a guy once who used to brag that Billy Graham was his "great, great, great, great grandfather". Do you follow?
Nishura 09.07.2018
This wouldn't have happened if he had carried in a safe and responsible way.
Gulmaran 10.07.2018
One believes in interpretation of holy books the others do not.
Zulkizilkree 18.07.2018
Thanks for weighing in on the topic
Dakus 27.07.2018
You missed the word ?discussing? in my statement.
Zutaxe 29.07.2018
That's the same UN that supports hamas terrorists.
Nazil 04.08.2018
well, largely because that's not true.
Tauktilar 05.08.2018
damn that sounds rough :( I'm glad you're back!!
Gazragore 10.08.2018
100% fact the lefty lunatics will equate Premier Doug Ford to President Donald Trump and 'protest' for no legitimate reasons.
Dailabar 13.08.2018
Yes, it does. He has apologized, but the others need to as well.
Zukasa 22.08.2018
I misread it, my mistake. How does your opinion hold any more authority than that of a Christian who believes in God's wrath?
Vibei 24.08.2018
Yes, I want to see a link to this. The rankings probably say more about the author than anything else.
Mizilkree 28.08.2018
That only determined who the sides were in the wars, though, not necessarily whether they would have happened. When one looks at the economics of why many crusaders left their homes for an uncertain war, it's arguable without Christianity, the Franks who went to fight Saracens might instead have decided to fight Germans, with a better hope of practical gain.
Ketaxe 01.09.2018
Obama tried to stop oil production. The frackers outsmarted him. Trump opened alot of new areas for oil that obama kept them out of.
Faubar 11.09.2018
Top of the morning madame Ann.
Goltilabar 16.09.2018
i have NEVER heard of scrotum curdleing! jeese that sounds crazy horrible..
Akiktilar 24.09.2018
It is a motherly thing to do.
Zugal 27.09.2018
Or: "nothing" is a false concept which has limited utility.
Kazuru 30.09.2018
Once again. The original Greek word meaning is "community". The Roman Catholic Church is a Latin bureaucratic construction in a Roman hierarchical military style which hasn't been mentioned in the Bible and has nothing to do with Christianity.
Kigasho 09.10.2018
Atheists and LGBT's and Pagans are not screaming for the deaths of Christians like Christians are screaming for our deaths. I often wonder, taking a verse out of the bible, how Christians would like to have done unto them, as they want to do unto others?
Yogal 18.10.2018
"read so good". That's a more relevant example of your level of education.
Muktilar 22.10.2018
"There was no 'Latin nationalism' that caused the split in the Empire."


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