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Adult social networking profile

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Wow... talk about not addressing the content of my post ..

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Adult social networking profile
Adult social networking profile
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Akinozilkree 16.04.2018
Agreed. People on that site that even suggest forms of introspection or self improvement are flamed as being "bluepill". Rather than a support group (which might honestly help some of them) it's a place that prevents them from getting the help they desperately need.
Dutaur 23.04.2018
No problem ur right but are easily spotted.
Fetilar 28.04.2018
Lmao oh my
Meztisho 06.05.2018
I learned to consider the source decades ago...smirk...
Vudora 15.05.2018
Legally or ethically? I can tell you that I'm 30 miles south of Lexington, VA. Although there is a liberal enclave in Lexington, the entire area of the James and Shenandoah Valleys is overwhelmingly conservative, as in 2:1. This establishment has the right, legally, to exclude conservatives, but they're cutting their own noses off to spite their face. They just lost 1/2 of their business. At any rate, political opinions are vastly different from religious ethics.
Nale 18.05.2018
Go back and reread. You make a big deal about Islamists destroying churches. So what we have a bunch of most likely Christians (because there isn?t anyone else there) that are destroying churches and those doing it are most likely telling themselves they are doing God?s will. Which will tell you just how screwed up anyone can be when they think they are carrying out God?s will by killing or destroying. Whoever, whatever, or whenever.
Sak 25.05.2018
Fair enough, I misinterpreted your post. Sorry.
Nagore 02.06.2018
ok you lost me. What am I missing?
Sagal 12.06.2018
If I ordered a rare steak and he made it well-done? Absolutely
Gurisar 17.06.2018
What the gay couple is looking for won't happen if the bakers are forced, either. They want acceptance and that can't be legislated. That develops as people get to know you, and even then some people never will. RuPaul said he learned long ago to not place the feelings of strangers over the feelings of friends. Let your friends compliments and love mean more to you than the hate and insults of people who don't know you. Because if you don't, you are disrespecting the love and respect of those people who have been there for you all along.


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