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Like it matters that I have descenting responses from people no smarter than you.

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Maurn 14.08.2018
Haha this is one of the topics where I've gotten into debates on this channel before. I do think there's a respectful and acceptable way (as well as many unacceptable ways)to pursue when interest is there but maybe not enough to get an immediate yes. I'd miss out on entire relationships if guys didn't think my first impression of them could ever be improved lol.
Kazigore 21.08.2018
Yep. That should be traffic ticket.
Tataxe 23.08.2018
To you!!! Nothing but a cause & who cares if we waste taxpayers
Mazushura 27.08.2018
That's funny, coming from you.
Vurg 05.09.2018
Yeah, I believe in the separation of the church and state. If the state controls the religion, the religion controls the state. Free thought is essential to a good religious worldview.
Dinos 12.09.2018
You mean the soul you can't prove exists. You mean the soul which, as you cannot prove exists, can be relegated to another chimera of religion, it's "salvation," being " a non-existent problem solved by religion. Ding one!!
Kajigul 15.09.2018
Who got banned here?
Yozahn 24.09.2018
So god made us imperfect for a relationship? God is after family? It seems to me god is kind of needy, for a perfect omnipotent being. Also, I would say it's cruel. God made us knowing we would spend eternity suffering. Suffering for an eternity because we did not believe in something that left literally no irrefutable evidence of its existence. That's not only cruel, but petty. If I were to condemn my two year old to an eternity of suffering for breaking rules she didn't know existed, can I still claim to love her?
Mazusho 28.09.2018
You mean like when Obama threatened the coal industry saying if they built more coal burning electricity plants that he was going to slap huge fees on them for all the greenhouse gases emitted?
Daishicage 07.10.2018
I saw your comment about MLK. Even though I don?t agree with his doctrines in religion, you are correct. He promoted ? turn the other cheek? His heart was in the right place, that?s for sure.
Zulabar 17.10.2018
Damn, I thought you were going to say something about "animal killers who wear the carcasses on their heads".
Mulkree 17.10.2018
Probably. I don't think the Iranian insurance industry is so well developed it matters to anyone.
Kazijind 22.10.2018
In a way yes. But focusing on change itself doesn't force you into the choice of the structure of that change.
Vudojind 23.10.2018
I'm good. My husband and I temporary custody of our granddaughter.
Majinn 02.11.2018
Interesting how you switch from "they are" bringing drugs and "they are" bringing crime, to "there are" rapists.
Moogudal 05.11.2018
How do you know she identifies as "leftist"?
JoJok 07.11.2018
but im not
Tulkis 11.11.2018
Better be careful, Laura. Ayatollah Maxine will issue a special Fatwa against you.
Gogul 12.11.2018
really? I didn't see anybody call you names. Can you cut and paste?
Dubar 13.11.2018
Well it did for me and that is all we had going for us
Zulujar 18.11.2018
Just another policy that he blusters about to ramp up his fan base.... That we have been doing for years.
Mern 23.11.2018
Facts were made by Satan to test our faiths.
Dashicage 24.11.2018
He can disagree with me on what?s true. You can too.
Malahn 04.12.2018
You are simply a victim of a con game called religion. You chose the current popular one of your culture. No surprise there. No such thing as a god or sin or whatever.
Mit 10.12.2018
A country can not sustain indefinitely in a state of anger and protest. Things erupt after a while. History has shown it over and over and over again.
Arashiran 11.12.2018
Antifa/OWS/Black Bloc would be firebombing it, or smearing their own feces on the walls.
Mikabar 20.12.2018
Seems like a first step is to have some uncomfortably honest discussions with her. It sounds as though you feel extremely unsupported in the life you've attempted to create together. It sounds as though you are working your butt off to try and carry the load and she just piles more on at every opportunity.
Migal 29.12.2018
Everything in quantum physics fit the definition of the supernatural at one time. The term "supernatural" was coined long before we knew anything about Q.M.
Zolocage 31.12.2018
I will not disappoint you and let you know from the gitgo that I will not watch the video. I am what all here call a fundamentalist. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. The Bible is the Word of God. Many here know where I stand and know that I will not waver. Only one thing has changed my life and that is the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Fare thee well.
Dougore 03.01.2019
They would lose their medical license. That is a perfect example of a privately regulated entity handling this rather than the government. You cannot refuse service or lose a license.
Mijin 10.01.2019
I didn?t say your comparison was a straw man. Business expenses are deductible for the ?company?, so that aspect is also not exclusive to churches, just like charitable donations. But they?re not for their employees. It?s a perk enjoyed by priests where they get to deduct a certain percentage of their pay as parsonage allowance against their personal income. It?s great for churches and priests. There are plenty of people who are on call 24-7 for their employer and don?t get to claim such a perk. Seems like a rank justification.
Megal 13.01.2019
Legal sanctions against medical malpractice exists for any type of therapy. The fact that there are a lack of license revocations over the issue of conversation therapy should tell you something.
Mikagami 15.01.2019
Yeah I don't feel sorry for him
Zoloktilar 21.01.2019
Putin thanks you for the credit.
Tell 23.01.2019
Lol. You live in a van rudi? Am I understanding this correctly?


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