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Where do you measure your penis

My Favorite Babysitters 10 - Scene 3

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Where do you measure your penis
Where do you measure your penis
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Vudogis 25.03.2018
Why would you assume that a sense relating to our mind, which is a function of our body and brain, and including all the matter and gravity existing in the Universe which is necessary for our body to exist and have shape, is so easy to understand? The mind is like most of space, a mystery. As I mentioned earlier, lots of creative people really question the origin of their creative ideas and often inexplicable stream of consciousness that they experience during the creative period. You understand how all that works? No scientist would say that, or really rule out anything.
Maugar 02.04.2018
Nope, not at all the same facts.
Dimuro 08.04.2018
When you cant fight the facts with facts go for the personal attack.
Tolabar 15.04.2018
How many welfare cheques are you claiming?
Aragar 20.04.2018
No not really. But I don?t expect you to know much about Muslims outside of you negative circle of bias.
Zuzshura 23.04.2018
A Demon! Quick, break out the crosses and Holy Water!!!
Virisar 29.04.2018
how will we ever get through this...next!!!
Vudokinos 06.05.2018
Yawn. Depends on which dictionary you pick up and in what time in the Universe, but using common sense alone dictates that an absolute argument of 100% certainty demands evidence.
Nikoll 07.05.2018
knowledge also gives us many ways to do right. In fact. one will do less wrong with knowledge than without
Sazilkree 10.05.2018
Late to the party. They're gone. Also mod privileges so...na na na na boo boo.
Marg 16.05.2018
censorship: the practice of censoring. Censoring: to examine in order to suppress (see suppress 2) or delete anything considered objectionable censor the news; also : to suppress or delete as objectionable censor out indecent passages.
Voodoot 18.05.2018
Irrelevant and non-responsive.
Samugor 27.05.2018
..... and then make excuses for it when it fails to live up to their expectations.
Nikozshura 29.05.2018
What a lot of crap. Where do you get it all from? Do you believe that a loving entity could command for genocide, slavery and torture and design things such that most folk ended up tortured for eternity?
Yozshukasa 05.06.2018
In my perfect stateless world or at least minarchist (local governments that adjudicate through consensus) abortion would be a personal matter that I would never have to know about. I don't think that government should intervene for or against it. Certain things should NEVER be in the hands of government EVEN if it will agree with me. Government shouldn't tell you who to marry, what to do with your body, or how to raise your children.
Akinonos 10.06.2018
Trump had expanded it exponentially. Did you know that, or are you now engaging in fake news? I?m curious if it?s just an honest mistake on your part.
Kazilabar 17.06.2018
Oh Yeahhhh!!! Pattrick Duffy was HOT when he was younger...
Grobei 25.06.2018
Nature knows no common sense.
Maukazahn 30.06.2018
yeah it's simple XD
Sasar 06.07.2018
So they invented Christianity to control slaves, then immediately started persecuting the people spreading their slave-control method, and continued doing so for two and a half centuries?
Voodoocage 15.07.2018
;) I always look forward to what you say Tex. You say the darnedest of best stuff. :)
Feran 19.07.2018
I agree with everything you said.
Vulkis 29.07.2018
First of all, those people are not thinking about "cost-effectiveness." They are eating what tastes good. Period. It is the same mentality and attitude that leads them to "poverty." Immediate gratification, lack of self-discipline, unwillingness to delay satisfying desires.
Kazrajora 31.07.2018
First off, I actually have a life, family. I don?t spend all day on the computer. That it bothers you that 10 hours elapsed. Lol. You?re just pathetic. Wow.
Akinotaxe 03.08.2018
Perhaps. Funny how human beings seem to disagree all the time in what absolute truth actually entails...
Mikataur 07.08.2018
If you served and knew anything about MEPS - you can't defer yourself... the Med Board deferred Trump. If you must know, there are MANY disqualifiers for service. At least he went to MEPS... unlike Clinton, Obama... And who criticized real soldiers?


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