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She was an 18-year-old senior. Ok, so we get to our dorms and during lunch some white inmates come to us (the new inmates) and tell us that we are outnumbered by the black inmates 4 to 1 and we need to stick together. I was worried about them causing trouble, but they didn't have any time to.

"You would not believe everything I've done today, even though I have the feeling you know already.

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If that number is correct, which I have no reason to doubt, that is a net increase in the population. Although decreased at the moment, the flow still occurs.

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Tygozragore 26.06.2018
As a Catholic in a country where abortion has been legal for quite some time, I can tell you how the Church has responded to the issue. She has reaponded with love, compassion, and mercy just as Christ would. More often than not, women are the victims of abortion as they are counseled into it. Scared young ladies are told it?s the best ?choice? and are culturally conditioned to murder unwanted babies. When these women mature spiritually, they often recognize the horrific sin that cannot be undone. There is much suffering. But through Christ there is also ALWAYS healing. In the US, the Church has provided Project Rachel for any woman, friend, or relative who suffers from the hand of abortion. It is an anonymous support program for any woman seeking healing, forgiveness, and love.
Voodoora 28.06.2018
Just unproductive, make work jobs paid for by those in the private sector. The ratio of private & public sector workers has to be more than 3 to 1 (as it was under Sellinger's NDP for instance) as 3 workers can't afford to pay that 4th.
Dojar 08.07.2018
Hope everyone is doing well and has a nice day
Dounris 15.07.2018
It?s so weird.
Akinolkis 24.07.2018
I'm torn as I prefer to believe in the pre-Civil War version of America where states had rights... but Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence." actually probably applies here.
Shasho 28.07.2018
Circumcision in the United States, accounts for about 1.3% of male neonatal deaths.
Voshicage 29.07.2018
"Do you think it would be wrong to let a person below the age of consent to get an abortion in a medical facility?"
Gubar 01.08.2018
I don't think he was referring to you, but those you mentioned...
Jurr 08.08.2018
In a way. I don't have a clear answer, but our laws are an agreement with the rest of society, a social contract. Identifying the particular line is a process of public opinion, laws, lawsuits, judicial review, etc.
Taujin 13.08.2018
I have no problem explaining my viewpoint multiple times and defending my position vigorously if it leads to greater understanding.
Nijin 20.08.2018
One can only argue one's way to this position through willful ignorance not only of Greek syntax and the meaning of the word "atheist", but also of the very question being addressed by atheism, as well as the logical entailments of any belief statement, including the denial of having any belief at all. It's become extraordinarily fashionable in the last three or four decades to take the position you have here, however, so you're hardly alone in doing so.
Vutaxe 21.08.2018
Shipping it to Afghanistan would be better since odds are he'd never see it again. Plus too much time would have passed for the doctors to reattach it to his person.
Nim 23.08.2018
Good call. I think I just might.
Dozahn 26.08.2018
Mary was a virgin and she did give birth to Jesus. God, being all powerful can make a pregnancy happen without male seed. It is, in fact, described in the bible.
Aragal 27.08.2018
That is what the myth claims. You either believe the myth or you do not
Magal 31.08.2018
It's very hard to tell since the indoctrinated tend to try and defend the product of their indoctrination to the bitter end.
Zulubar 02.09.2018
My Dad used to eat Limburger cheese and I swear to God I have seen flies fall dead on the floor when he opened the package....
Nikot 09.09.2018
I have seen meat reduced for quick sale that a dog wouldn't eat .....
Kell 13.09.2018
Huh? I'm on the side of science trying to make sure carbon dating is as accurate as possible.


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