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We talked, mostly nonsense, for the next fifteen minutes or so as I got my strength back.

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?A friend will bail you out of jail... a true friend will drive you to the hospital when you?re fcuked to death and lecture you about your prolapsed anus!?

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San francisco gay theaters
San francisco gay theaters
San francisco gay theaters
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Zulushura 28.05.2018
Child, you really need to look at your posts again. Did you not ask readers to read Mark 13?
Zulura 02.06.2018
Omg there had better be
Goltigis 10.06.2018
What if it was some kind of inside joke between the teacher and the students? As far as I know, the student didn't complain and from the article, it seems like the teacher and the student had an excellent relationship. Personally I know that if a teacher ever did that to me in high school, it would only be a teacher who had a great relationship with me and who knew that I would laugh it off.
Voodoohn 16.06.2018
I believe the Jesus I was indoctrinated to worship would agree with your statement. Things went off the rails when man took hold of religion and used it as a means of control
Kazizuru 18.06.2018
I think the false claims should be dealt with nearly as harshly as actual assault. It's a terrible thing to falsely accuse anyone of such a terrible crime, because they are then branded as that regardless of the truth.
Gukinos 28.06.2018
I suggest you grow a pair and say SPECIFICALLY what it is you think I believe which you reckon deserves the Shannon Smith Seal of Disapproval.
Fenrizragore 06.07.2018
The Book of Q is posited to be the root story of the synoptic gospels, just retold by the authors of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Nikorg 11.07.2018
First time offender!
Nashura 13.07.2018
The President leads the Executive Branch of the federal government.
Mosar 16.07.2018
Starlord annoyed me. Spiderman was cool, as was Ironman. Thor was definitely MVP.
Faelabar 23.07.2018
No, I did not say that. What I did say, was that the biblical Jesus didn't exist. He probably was a real person, but he didn't do all of the miracles and then rise from the dead, and then not get mentioned by contemporary writers.
Terisar 27.07.2018
OMG! Thanks for the laugh.
Daigore 01.08.2018
Businesses are run by people. Sometimes just by one person or family. Opening a business doesn't mean that folks are required to abandon their rights or principles.
Bagami 05.08.2018
I've never been married, but it seems to me that wasting time with a partner who doesn't appreciate you is a huge waste of life. You're supporting her, but she's not supporting you. She treats you like an afterthought and you might as well be alone with less stress. This is all easy for me to say...I've taken back two engagement rings and ended a few half decade relationships. I'm now 50. Not dating, and fairly happy doing what I want, when I want, with no guilt. It's not for everyone I understand, but you deserve to be treated better. Or just be alone. When you've had enough, you'll be done.
Fezil 14.08.2018
See, scientific consensus is not going to run to ancient books and gods for answers even if ToE were to fail, another naturalistic theory would replace it. And that is ok, it is part of the scientific method.
Jur 16.08.2018
spencer buddy, it?s good to see some things never change. The sun still rises in the east, and your still full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Kajikasa 24.08.2018
Yes, I agree it should have been in person. And if she was concerned she'd become emotional in front of your friend trying to talk about it, she should really ask herself if they're close enough for her to be making those requests too. For a casual friend, I don't see why she can't just explain she might need to be a little MIA during the baby showers and whatnot as she copes, but that she sincerely still wishes her the best.
Akinole 30.08.2018
I don't need 37. Just one. And I will admit you were right and I was wrong. Everything else is tap-dancing.
Nikolmaran 31.08.2018
"Over the years ,his name and any reference to his study and data has been removed by the pro LGBT movement."
Gakora 09.09.2018
nope. Not if he is the one that created us. His mistake, not ours
Vojas 14.09.2018
Now he wants armed guards wherever he goes, like most gungrabber hypocrites.
Yogis 22.09.2018
Yes that's what I said.
Voodoozilkree 02.10.2018
yeah... cuz no one ever saved their own or others lives with a gun... every time in history a gun was used in self defense, the person trying to defend themselves died.
Arashizil 03.10.2018
It appears his task was to muddy the water in regard to mueller and stormy, which he has done very well.
Fenrijar 07.10.2018
guruurug ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Badal 10.10.2018
wow. confused much? THe name is ANTI-FACISM. So, how can they be FOR Facism, or BE facism? You make absolutely no sense. That is like saying that "Right to Life, is really Right To Death". Now.....that may actually be correct. Let's try something else. That is like saying Chess is really checkers, or that chess pieces are really checkers in drag.


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