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Redhead comedian with johnny carson

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Thank you! I didn't mean to cause you to think I said you were mean- spirited. I've been swatted a few times on here and it was a waste of time because that's all they were interested in doing, showcasing a, "I know more than you right off the bat," attitude. So sense I don't know you, I thought I'd get that out of the way. First and foremost everyone has a right to think as they please. It is also kosher to compare those thoughts amongst each other to learn. That's how I learn. I find all people fascinating and I believe everyone is capable of learning something new but not necessarily is that something always true. We people build up towers around ourselves and protect that thing we believe is true for all kinds of reasons. I should have been a "shrink" because I think what you think and why you think that way is awesome! Yes. I believe in The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I don't believe in "religion" per say. Religion over time has caused mass confusion and even disgust in the Name of God! Those that have done that and do hide behind the Name of God, that use it for their selfish purposes have caused great damage to the people around them. It puts a really bad light on people like me. I'd hate to be in their shoes!

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Redhead comedian with johnny carson
Redhead comedian with johnny carson
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Malazil 23.07.2018
Or your home being on fire? LOL!!
Shaktigis 01.08.2018
I come from cockney stock . ?? ?? ??
Akinomuro 09.08.2018
Yes. There is evidence that I exist. Therefore my testimonial about my own beliefs are evidence. I believe in God. Thank you for making this evidence clear.
Dousar 16.08.2018
in the case of the incel scum, thats a small number of really evil, sick, desperate losers who, through the power of social media have been able to form communities where they feed ad stoke up each others hate.
Jukus 21.08.2018
Evident to all thinking people.
Fekazahn 28.08.2018
That depends on how the democrats act for the next couple years.
Arashisar 06.09.2018
The Flying Spaghetti Monster can fill the hole in your stomach.
Turamar 07.09.2018
Yes, I do tend to cling to facts and direct quotes.
Zushakar 08.09.2018
Apparently, the Koch brothers funded it in an attempt to prevent George Soros from taking over Hogwarts.
Gakasa 13.09.2018
Perhaps your first language is not English. That would explain why you might make such an absurd assumption.
Kalmaran 19.09.2018
See? You have no interest in science.
Zulutaur 20.09.2018
What a shock,ex didn't get what I was saying...
Zulkishura 27.09.2018
He played the "better safe than sorry" and wanted no part of it. Even if he did suspect the child wasn't his, he didn't want the headache and its only suspicion.
Dukora 30.09.2018
Even you don't fancy yourself. This explains why you are always calling yourself "idiot".
Mauzuru 06.10.2018
You're saying there's lots of gun violence in Tokyo and London?


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