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The universe. Our universe.

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Doular 29.06.2018
Oh, absolutely!! Heavens, I see it all the time here. (American politics seems to be a particularly huge offender of this.)
Dait 09.07.2018
But, but, but...
Nelar 15.07.2018
Good morning all. Off to Peterborough. Dug the grave last night and just waiting to fill her in.
Temi 22.07.2018
Me thinks that one is saying ?? down under, come join me in Aussie. ?? ?? ??
Dorn 29.07.2018
Mccabe will look great in orange
Kagarr 31.07.2018
Lol, no not confused. You jist started back peddling.
Meztitaur 10.08.2018
How long will Trump be President wh n you stop blaming history for his bumbling?
Kigajar 20.08.2018
Nononono... the Atheist right to complain ad nauseam is paramount! Haven't you been paying attention?
Fenrigami 26.08.2018
most science is based off of experimentation that can be replicated.
Mucage 04.09.2018
Baseless assertion fail.
Akibar 10.09.2018
Yes Parrick, and I actually believe that debt and deficit are two different things. I believe that Congress most Progressives and that includes RINOS socked it to us all. Did Trump raise the debt? Most certainly and that was to put in money to make money, as did the presidents before him.


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