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I guess it took in actuality 3 to 5 minutes, but it was the longest 3 minutes of my life. "Okay Paul. I was alone, humiliated and scared.

Bryci Mother of Cocks JOI

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He put his backpack in my room and we went down to the kitchen to get some snacks and went to the living room and watched a comedy movie.

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I actually enjoy grumpy old people. My ideal next door neighbor would be the Costanzas.

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Yozshular 11.08.2018
Is Trump really a christian, or does he use christianity?
Mikarn 16.08.2018
Hmmm, if one uses Wisdom, one finds out there was no Solomon. Right, Athena?
Makora 17.08.2018
I am older. Need to check with AARP to see if I qualify.
Yozshugor 18.08.2018
Your God I suppose.
Kagarr 20.08.2018
He's a waste of time for real, always up to no good talking shit. That's better ignored, heard him a little before, ain't got no sense.
Maukus 25.08.2018
Holy moly?? Ouebec was a colony of France and was lost to Britian prior to the American civil war. In 1763 to be exact. American colonists were involved in that skippy. Britian made it a province in 1791. Upper Canada (English). It's where many former Americans (loyalists) went. Lower Canada (Quebec/Labrador) was made a province also in 1791. Both provinces were settled by English only, after 1763. And the Canadians of 1812 DID celebrate the burning of the White House. I took canadian history. Did you
Dolar 26.08.2018
I'm glad SOMEONE was able to read that OP.
Vudogore 05.09.2018
i had a hard time believing it
Mujind 07.09.2018
Malabei 17.09.2018
Why do you think I am elevating science to the level of nonexistent beings? That doesn't even make sense...
Mozragore 22.09.2018
I know some Native Americans who would disagree with you. :) Also some Afghans and several other groups of folks.


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