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"Homosexuality" is not a choice.

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Mother and teen girl
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Shaktijin 11.07.2018
You cannot compare the Biblical pronouncement on, say, clothing, to what it says on homosexuality. God might say about the first "don't do it", where about the second He says "if you find people doing it then drag them outside the city and torture them to death; and worry not about the guilt, their blood is on their own hands because what they do is an abomination unto Me".
Taujinn 20.07.2018
Islamic fundamentalism worst, then atheist fundamentalism next. Christian fundamentalism is good.
Mazura 29.07.2018
I would agree
Yogami 09.08.2018
Its speciation without the cumulative part...thats what science truly observes. That should be a flag..Gods got a point to make you know?
Tygogor 16.08.2018
Where do I sign up for those race baiting mobile alerts?
Mojora 20.08.2018
Not my understanding. Not this pseudo kind. But back at the beginning of my own, when they burned our meeting houses, we met the next Sunday in the ashes. The new way is to complain about having to actually work at competition. Christians are supposed to be joyful at real opposition because it is supposedly means they have something real. But to moan and complain because they have to really live Christian lives only means they got nuttin!
Mozil 28.08.2018
yep. we need his birth certificate.
Meztikus 31.08.2018
Considering it is my thread, I started it and I made a point at the beginning you are straying wildly from... yes, yes I do get to say what the conversation is about. Want to make it about something else? Start a new thread.
Dilkis 07.09.2018
Well there are some that hold the Jews accountable for the crucifixation and death of Jesus.
Akinogor 15.09.2018
Not Carl Sagan at all, from what I gather. It tends to be dogmatic followers of Dawkins (not necessarily Dawkins himself) who are card-carrying evangelists for how bad religion is and how great it is to be atheist, clinging to the story that rationality is only possible with atheism, that atheism will improve the world etc.
Mira 26.09.2018
The Open Borders, Globalist Clinton was by far the worst Presidential candidate in U.S History. You are still sore about that for no good reason. Trump has already cleared 3% and Zerobama never did that! Do not obfuscate and do not lie. I do not wish to have a continued dialogue with someone who is obfuscating and appears to be a liar.... You are dismissed!
Daill 26.09.2018
I understand that much of that is the cost of security and the parading troops. You'd be paying them anyway so haven't really spent 30 million extra.
Tojakree 05.10.2018
Then you are willfully obstinate or perhaps have deliberately and specifically rejected Christ at sometime in the past. Regardless of which. You have my most heartfelt and sincerest sympathy because there is only ONE mortal sin (not 7) - rejecting Christ - and I can't help you with that one.
Akizahn 13.10.2018
genetics? Ummm ok
Akinolmaran 20.10.2018
Absolute agnostic? Wild concept. Love it. I'm a relaxed agnostic; it's less work.
Voodoomi 23.10.2018
I didn't say it wasn't. The deal is done isn't it ? Lol, just make sure your credit scores stay close.
Moogukora 27.10.2018
That picture is of Capt Ashley Colette, and I'll bet my house she would kick your @ss either hand to hand or with weapons. The only female in her platoon and she led them on the front lines in Afghanistan
Faurg 05.11.2018
I would like this a million times if I could. :)
Midal 13.11.2018
My baby just turned 45.??getting old is great. Did you6 know the survival of our species was because grandma got it in her head that she should share her food.
Mesida 17.11.2018
I LOVE that quote from George Will!
Goltigar 19.11.2018
The really big one for modern society is of course Ayn Rand.


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