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Is john edwards gay
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Gagrel 04.06.2018
True. People fleeing a country where drug lords want to kill them should be in prisons...or at least denied the right to see a judge to discuss. Their kids should be taken to another state.
Kazrazshura 09.06.2018
What part of illegal do you not understand? It is the Democrats who are on the side of the illegal immigrants.
Akir 14.06.2018
I quoted you lol.
Tygorg 18.06.2018
Sigh. Why do you guys do this to yourselves? Hypothesis is often extrapolation, but when you apply the scientific method, it's no longer just extrapolation. You've tested it then.
Grorr 29.06.2018
Why - because they were unethically threatened by our tin pot president?
Shajora 02.07.2018
If you dish out BS all day long, people are going to feed you back your BS.
Mirg 08.07.2018
Which part don't you understand? It's pretty straightforward.
Bagal 10.07.2018
Companies don't supply fake ssn#. They're bought thru illegal black market site's
Taudal 20.07.2018
Any poll that says people aren't noticing a difference is a complete LIE. I personally know of Thousands of people just in my local area (yes I know that many people personally) that have benefited from it. And I've seen polls that say it IS helping MOST Americans. It's helping my business and my clients businesses. My company has clients all over the country. It's helping the members of my church, and the Hospital I volunteer in. It's helping even those that show up to the food bank I volunteer in. And even if you refuse to accept it, it's helping YOU!
Gardalmaran 29.07.2018
You're still at this eh?


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