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Injection to stop smoking

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Only person who calls them the funnies is a Communist!

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Bahn 09.07.2018
All nations do that, which is sorta the point. They want to pretend it isn't happening there and that it is only an invention of Trump, which it isn't.
Mazujora 15.07.2018
And he needs to keep it to himself without telling people to shut up when they show the errors in Christianity- I cannot help he has no hope other than a man being his blood sacrifice! I?ll continue to point out the error in Christianity
Malakinos 22.07.2018
Clearly a narcissistic politician winning crowd moxie by appealing to their - not his - religious piety. Although AH had some respect for the RCC and fondly recalled being an altar boy, at the end of his reign he was as far as possible from being a Christian. His only deity was himself, propped up by a destiny which he called "Providence".
Banos 01.08.2018
It was Bourne!
Mimuro 10.08.2018
IDK, I feel the same way when I see a super skinny girl that looks like she is wearing toddler clothes LOL.
Vilkree 17.08.2018
Intentional misunderstanding a childish tactic, as is casting aspersions on other people's level of education.
Yogul 21.08.2018
I'd say it's pretty easy to make a case that they always clamped down on knowledge that appeared to contradict the Holy Scriptures, and that was for a period much longer than 200 or 300 years.
Yobar 26.08.2018
I love it when you guys beat down on red pillers and misandrists
Mooguzshura 29.08.2018
When someone says "This is Sunday. It has been recognized world wide as the Lord's Day long before atheism came into play."...
Mutaur 06.09.2018
I guess he pray for me in Jesus name,,, or Yeshua name lol like him calling Jesus Yeshua makes a difference! He?s still not The divine messiah ??? I?ll start calling Jacob Ya?akov and Moses, Moshe, and see if they ? become more Jewish ?
Balrajas 12.09.2018
The girls were getting on my case.
Vugar 22.09.2018
I did not speak to you as a mod, but IMO you were spamming. You kept replying to comment 1, even though I already responded to you. In place of responding to comment 2, you keep replying over and over to comment 1
Nikomi 23.09.2018
No, they'll still want us serving them in high heels. ??
Dular 30.09.2018
Ahhh, the tired and regularly explained away theory of irreducible complexity. I fear you'll have to do better than that ragged old trope.
Akinokazahn 02.10.2018
it isn't, and even if it were, how would you prove that?
Malazahn 05.10.2018
Interesting study, but rather limited. It also seems to conflict with some other studies, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Domuro 09.10.2018
My wife died two weeks ago after a 2-year battle against stage 4 colon, liver, and lung cancer. The cancer got her liver. I can empathize.
Faugal 11.10.2018
So this claim that they "must submit an I-9...." is not true as you claimed.
Akinor 15.10.2018
Which is why I haven't done so. It is equally illogical to assume there is one.
Nikot 21.10.2018
You just said you do not respect people who need the religious crutch. If you live in America 70% of those around you believe in the Christian God, not counting those of other faiths.
Mezijind 25.10.2018
Human errors in translation and deliberate in some cases. ?? ?? ??
Akinogul 29.10.2018
No it doesn't.
Grozahn 08.11.2018
How many glass jars of feces have Venezuelans thrown at each other?
Mazugul 15.11.2018
How is it not obvious? Because I'm not twisted by some male inferiority, Breitbart-soaked ideology.
Tulmaran 22.11.2018
and bring Martha Stewart to cook for him Best Burger Ever.
Nikobar 23.11.2018
Perhaps we can all agree the Bible is often a pretty wacky anthology of writings especially the O.T. As for pretending to be perplexed by it...seriously, grow up.
Brarg 27.11.2018
It wasn't for lack of trying. He was trying to ram through FCC Hush Rush rules.
Muramar 30.11.2018
I care that women kill their children to avoid responsibility.
Juzahn 05.12.2018
I'm not talking about evangelizing or to talk someone into it. You might want to explain one day in a post and I might come across it.
Grokazahn 12.12.2018
Christians have been treating them worse for a lot longer.
Malagor 20.12.2018
Yeah, definitely time to get a new job. BossMan is here, a fraternity brother I've known for over 20 years. He's is being pleasant but all I feel for him right now is loathing...
Akinozuru 22.12.2018
No. You must take lessons to be this stupid.


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