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Bar Meet Pick Up

She moaned louder this time as she wiggled her hips in an effort to make better contact with my teasing finger as it ran ever so gently over her two holes. She loved him and he loved her. All her clothes were about 30 years out of date.

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Serine could feel every nerve in her body screaming for release but Fred conscience held it at bay she had one final attempt to fight the voice out of her mind.

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The safest spot is now "the beaches". No one goes there because of the stink coming off Lake Ontario and of course the water is so cold you'll die. If you like dog poop, it's a must.

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Gorg 09.06.2018
A shared delusion is not reality simply because it is shared.
Balar 18.06.2018
"There is no time gap between concluding from evidence and having the belief that reasonably follows from that evidence."
Shaktile 27.06.2018
No homosexual can be a Christian. Matthew 12:50
Tobar 01.07.2018
He/she never made the caveat of 'as it is currently known'.
Nizragore 02.07.2018
No killing babies is still going to be illegal in Ireland.
Daizil 06.07.2018
Okay. But there ARE Christians who agree on everything...ar at least everything that matters.
JoJorn 11.07.2018
No need to; He allowed Man to discover what He had deposited in the bone marrow: life.
Faet 12.07.2018
I?ve been stating repeatedly what it?s not and my reasons for stating it.
Nekora 22.07.2018
haha nope. I'm a control freak about things like that. I need to be the one making the choice.
Tegis 26.07.2018
Is it within the realm of possibility?
Kigacage 27.07.2018
Military?? Thanx but never.. I'm from Chicago...and I'm black so I don't have to "compensate" for anything... I just have a different p.o.v on life....??So get out ur feelings for a bit "Single woman" ..Btw why r u speaking?
Zuluk 01.08.2018
You can't base a belief in something. You would base it ON something.
Fenrizahn 07.08.2018
Is a cow sentient?
Vimuro 12.08.2018
Using Canada as the Gold Standard for universal healthcare it would take over a year to get past the gatekeepers to start treatment. I'm confident an illegal alien with no insurance would receive better treatment in our current system, as screwed up as it is.


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