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Frank and ernest comic strip

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Frank and ernest comic strip
Frank and ernest comic strip
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Arakasa 11.08.2018
OK, let's talk about Pakistan, if you find it more relevant.
Tujind 19.08.2018
Correct. He discriminates against gay in support of his cult nonsense.
Madal 26.08.2018
That's an easy statement to make when you have a stake in fight.
Mauk 03.09.2018
At this point, I'd take it lol.
Meztigami 05.09.2018
so now you will soon be married,,and youcan have your new husband call up other women,and chew them out for all the wrongs they do to you!. something to lookforward to..tell hubs about it, see if he will be thrilled too..
Tauramar 13.09.2018
This should be a Meme.."Good friends drive you to the hospital when your anus prolapses from all the great sex you had."...I mean..something like that. I'm too wordy to make good memes.


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