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Sunderland Nightclub CCTV Compilaton

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Psalm 137:9 This is a lament and cultural. This is what happened to the Jews when Jerusalem captured. It is a prophecy of what is to happen to people that did it when the next conquerors arrive.

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Dasar 20.05.2018
Were not going to agree. ever. So, there.
Tubei 24.05.2018
I will admit, that was raw emotion talking on my part. Yes, I too am not above such a thing. I can't stand it when the vulnerable are taken advantage of, and so I react viscerally. It just comes pouring out.
Gogrel 28.05.2018
Yeah, I get that it might take a while... I'm mainly just looking to get past the years where everyone tells me I don't have enough money because I eat avocado toast lol. And I still need to get settled enough to feel confident I'll actually stay in the house for at least the next 7 years or so.
Sasar 30.05.2018
Yep. I've learned my error here.
Meztikasa 31.05.2018
So you dont have a father? Your mother conceived you with God directly?
Dikus 05.06.2018
So then you can not condemn slavery for all. You just personally dislike it. Correct?
Bagami 07.06.2018
I'm somewhere around the thirty to forty area.
Vokree 09.06.2018
Must be your standard of living. Oh wait, we have a higher standard of living. Must be your life expectancy. Oh wait, we have a better life expectancy. Must be your lack of poverty. Oh wait. We have less poverty. Must be your race relations..... oh wait, we have better race relations. Must be the incarceration rate. Oh wait, we have a lower incarceration rate. Must be health care. Yes, it?s health care..... unless you?re poor. Then you sit and wait to die. But they don?t count anyways. Vacation time? I get five weeks, my wife six. Been to the Caribbean twice so far this year and we?re going to New Orleans in September to celebrate her masters degree which cost me $4000 a semester for 5 years. How many weeks do you get? Life satisfaction? Nooo, we score way higher. Our 6th to your 14th. Armed forces? Yes, absolutely. Best armed forces on the planet.
Kiran 11.06.2018
I think I can sum up "Christian Privilege" as I see it in the United States pretty simply:
Kazraktilar 19.06.2018
you have a stalker it would seem
Moogumi 22.06.2018
It reminds them that Muslims exist.
Dimi 30.06.2018
Don't vote, then do not complain about the party that wins.
Mezile 09.07.2018
That?s just hilarius
Arashirisar 18.07.2018
You gotta make your way up north where your skill set would be appreciated.
Goltisida 26.07.2018
I'm not a young earther. You're jumping to conclusions again. Please be rational.
Kigabei 28.07.2018
Offensive to people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Why do you hate people with physical handicaps?
Vudozshura 01.08.2018
"routinely targets those who leave or dare to shed light on their cult"
Shaktim 11.08.2018
Most people know nothing about science and most atheist are clueless about the difference between the laws of science and an atheists "theory". The facts in the fossil record clearly doesn't show ANY evolution has ever occurred. You can watch a youtube video by David Berlinski that discusses the flaws of evolution in 5 minutes but today I have a new one by James Tour a man that actually makes molecules that knows about the false claims of evolutionists. Here is the video.
Dara 17.08.2018
I can see that you have no intention of debating this subject seriously. So far you have made no points whatsoever. You have not even attempted to refute any of my points either. All you have done is to make excuses about why you do not wish to debate the issues. Why didn't you just leave it alone after "Your choice"?. That would have saved us both a great deal of time and effort.
Tule 21.08.2018
Not my point
Faet 29.08.2018
/Part of the point is that the medieval church no longer exist split into Protestant and Catholic. And each reject not only each other but other less desirables that the medieval church admitted. It is unfortunately part of being modern, at least in the early stages.
Dazragore 31.08.2018
No, but Im sure *some* do.
Fezuru 07.09.2018
No one said that


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