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Cojiendome a mi comadre pir el culito

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Fukas Rendezvous #3 Horse Play

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I wouldn't buy a cake like that so it's a moot point and honestly it's a cake not the Hope Diamond. Slice it up all you want and people are still going to eat it and then flush it later on

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Cojiendome a mi comadre pir el culito
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Memi 05.08.2018
100% agree. In fact, not that I live in the area, but I would not do business with them if I did. A business has the right to do business with whom ever they want, same as customers.
Kagashicage 06.08.2018
Never met him. Sorry. Met Gracie though. She's a Diet Coke master, too. ??
Daijas 10.08.2018
I don't get why mind-brain dependence is evidence for there not being a creator. You could have a creator-god without an afterlife, or a soul, if that's what you are referring to.
Arashibar 11.08.2018
I suppose like when we assumed the Bible was the word of a God?
Tojagis 13.08.2018
Bit the effing whore Jew Lerner was guilty of treason.
Ditaxe 23.08.2018
That's why I stay at home
Kamuro 28.08.2018
True that. If you hate other groups of people that exist you should demand the right to keep awareness of them out of schools too. I mean, why would you want kids to learn about the world they live in when it pertains to things you don't like?
Shalkis 02.09.2018
Good morning. Thank you for the very special shout out.
Tojazil 09.09.2018
The irony of the juxtaposition of your comment above with your own quote is clearly lost on you.
Akim 16.09.2018
He doesn't hate himself, he hates white people who aren't exactly like himself.


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