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Bet you could suck a golf ball

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"Over the years ,his name and any reference to his study and data has been removed by the pro LGBT movement."

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Bet you could suck a golf ball
Bet you could suck a golf ball
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Shakadal 16.06.2018
"Because morality is not an entity. nor is joy nor passion nor hate."
Dozahn 24.06.2018
That is a debate among academics about the spontaneous invention of language. Noam Chomsky says it
Gugore 02.07.2018
You mean the god you cannot prove exists, but yet claim to know everything about.
Madal 06.07.2018
How, exactly, does one "let it go"?
Bragor 11.07.2018
In droves? Not because of this issue.
Fenrizragore 13.07.2018
Yep....I can take the photo on Mr Moses.? Will see on Tuesday . ?? ?? ??
Vigrel 17.07.2018
That doesn't clarify anything. What are you talking about?
Taujas 22.07.2018
Well to be fair its been around since the early 1100s when a bunch of rich white guys got together and assembled it out of a collection of thousands of manuscripts that were copies of copies of copies of copies from antiquity translated from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to Italian, to German to French to Slavic and hundreds of lost languages and then to English in and around 1300 and transcribed by illiterate monks in disparate locations with differing geopolitical powers and hundreds of differing religions and translations, and kept secret from the unwashed and poverty stricken for hundreds of years, and all teetering under this titanic political force of the Catholic church and pedophilia, and Martin Luther, and Islam and who knows how many other religions that got tossed into the mix, and gees it just goes on and on. Its not a linear translation and the story is a myth, any fool can see it.
Arashisida 24.07.2018
Dude, you?re forgetting the curing leprosy, blindness, death, and most importantly, catering.
Nazuru 29.07.2018
It is often dead wrong on histroy. So its not much god as such a document. It gets too much wrong and makes cliams no other spurce backs
Nilkis 05.08.2018
Interesting. If a cake expresses no message or idea, how do you know it?s a WEDDING cake?
Dogor 10.08.2018
So do it I provided mine
Tygonris 15.08.2018
knock off the personal insults Anton
JoJoshicage 22.08.2018
TOA. Thank you, the responses that we are receiving from my virtual friends dur the sudden demise of our pet has elevated my: our spirits.
Grozilkree 29.08.2018
"Once again, I agree. And if your attitudes were to change [a nice way of putting 'if someone were to reprogram you to change your attitude'], such that you never wanted to be drunk, your free will decision in all cases would be to avoid drunkenness."
Voodootaxe 31.08.2018
Anybody who answers to the people instead of the special interests sliding them cash on the side. I don't hare if we have to raise salaries 20 fold in order to get the politicians working for us again.
Jujora 08.09.2018
That a faulty interpretation of Genesis
Tagar 15.09.2018
Yeah, the ignorant rarely want to hear from the educated.
Kagakazahn 24.09.2018
Cheery, I have seen combat and civil war up close and personal. I do not want that for myself ( I am too old for that sh!t!) and certainly not for my family. I just want to be left alone. No tanks rolling down Main Street, or flyovers by Huey Cobras, or machine gun nests in the parks. I do, however know which side I would aid and abet if it really came down to it, and like the old man said in The Postman, I still know stuff.
Doull 03.10.2018
Funny, since in that symbiotic relationship, they are using him too.
Shaktirg 12.10.2018
No, I don't see what you're talking about. What, in your mind, is the difference between "being a prop" and "having a voice"? The number of appearance they make? Who gives them the platform? What group they're members of? Whether or not they have an agenda?
Mezigis 17.10.2018
You are talking about leftist predictions of the failure of Trump's trade policies!
Dashakar 28.10.2018
You again claim they aren't constitutional despite the courts regularly agreeing with them.
Maulrajas 29.10.2018
Baloney. Every single physically existing thing that exists is a function of the big bang, and of the undifferentiated material, the singularity, that appeared immediately after that, with not a thing in existence that is not directly a function of that. Correct?
Yolrajas 31.10.2018
So prepare for the return of my acid pen, because like all patriarchs I seek conquest.
Nikocage 11.11.2018
LOL What about Lasagna?
Zujin 12.11.2018
Oh yeah smh. Lori.
Akinokree 18.11.2018
There is no 2 Jude in the Bible.
Arashikazahn 20.11.2018
I agree with have issues with the mental health care system in the US. But what does that change in regards to a parent KNOWING their child has some mental issues? If you know that, aren't you going to take steps to secure your firearms and watch your child more closely regardless of whether or not you can get your child treatment?
Kigakasa 29.11.2018
My husband's relatives are exactly like that. It's embarrassing. They use the c word instead of guy or man.
Groramar 06.12.2018
You haven't given me a definition or an example, and you just changed your claim quite a bit. Before you had been arguing that the gospels' prose and structure mirrored that of works of fiction that were recognized as such. Now you're saying (still without example) that they were written "in the prose and structure of theology" - whatever that means.
Kagagrel 12.12.2018
Ya know, if I wasn't constantly on the search for new things to cook ( i get bored of the same recipes) I wouldn't know about bok choy either lol
Gataxe 16.12.2018
There is no tear gas coming out of that and she throws like a girl
Sar 24.12.2018
Like anything in life love is a perishable unless properly stored. The tempermante, tolerance and patience of the ingredients most be maintained by that which mixes these together the 2 people that for the can of Love we refer to. There is an expiration date that if not stored properly will be hassened, And extensions to that expire date can happen if stored in better than ideal environments. If not say you leave open next to a wind that is also left open for intruders then your product will fail at once.
Voodooshicage 31.12.2018
It was not bigotry, but merely poor wording of the facts. It made the commission appear to have a prejudice, whether or not one existed.


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