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Woman strips at gunpoint in movies

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"loosening its grip"

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Fezilkree 29.05.2018
That is, naturally, a whole bunch of unfounded claims. But that's not at all the point. The point is - God is a genocidal mass murderer. What's he going to save us from? Himself?
Nedal 31.05.2018
HA! That'll teach her for getting sick!!
Nasho 09.06.2018
God never said you had to be with him, he never said you should be without him. Hell in the theological sense is separation from God. Christians describe that as the incomparable everlasting torment we know as hell.
Dulkis 17.06.2018
lol...really now. Mutilation of children should anger everyone...dont you think?
Gagis 27.06.2018
They are :) and my son as well. He's my husband's mom's first grand baby ^^
Akitaur 01.07.2018
I'm sure ditch digging is rewarding. And do ditch diggers really need bosses? You dig ditches.
Malrajas 03.07.2018
There are some really bad arguments for the actual existence od Jesus in that OP.
Nesida 04.07.2018
Oh, absolutely. But just because you spend 12 hours a day with your SO and someone else only spends 8 hours a day with their SO may or may not directly correlate to how good the relationship is. And (although I really don't get it) some people say arguments are good for their relationships. Dates might be a good metric, but any display of affection can become routine, stale or more of a requirement than what it should be..
Mazut 11.07.2018
You're saying Bishop Nicholas of Myra wasn't a real person, and myths were embellished afterwards?
Kagalkree 16.07.2018
Show me any time and place in human history where they are not intertwined.
Dorr 21.07.2018
It affects future generations.
Mikasho 24.07.2018
Our phones beep at us obnoxiously if we keep people on hold for too long. ;) I think it'll be ok bc she started off cursing at the receptionist then demanded to be transferred to the receptionist's manager (me). I'm going to be honest about what I said and hopefully based on how horrifying she was to everyone it'll all be ok.
Sataxe 01.08.2018
That is the evolutionary biology of the brain. It is not DIRECTLY about survival. It relates to human universals.
Gardajin 04.08.2018
Yeah, it is fine to post one or two, but after that is just gets spammy.
Zugore 09.08.2018
I want to build one that I can use for Tron, Tempest, and, of course, Donkey Kong
Vudosida 16.08.2018
I could try to explain it to you, but you don't believe in that kind of history, so....
Grolkree 25.08.2018
Sounds like the work of Cultural Marxists... Divide and Conquer is the modus operandi
Malagami 01.09.2018
No insult taken. Just confused.
Dushakar 05.09.2018
So: I recommend cold dark ales after a hard day of work in the summer.
Basida 08.09.2018
Funny ? Laugh so much one can cry but I shed tears over this person, for another reason? ?? ??
Kigajin 15.09.2018
"How do you know that there is wind? You experience it. Can you see the wind? No."
Malajin 25.09.2018
He died of shame.
Tausar 26.09.2018
We thank God that what you believe about Jesus is false. What you believe about Him is based upon pride in yourself and ignorance about Him.
Tam 28.09.2018
Because it is true. Sad that you do not see it.
Akinolmaran 06.10.2018
Why can't God stop little babies from starving to death in Africa? Why can't God cure cancer, cure AIDS, cure mental illness?


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