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What is lefort i and facial

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Neither do I. That was just sarcasm on my part.

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What is lefort i and facial
What is lefort i and facial
What is lefort i and facial
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Tojazil 19.04.2018
This particular forum isn't as bad as some of the others, but they (atheists) don't really like debate. It makes them nervous.
Voodoojora 24.04.2018
How has it changed?
Nerr 29.04.2018
Making it like sin?
Mushakar 01.05.2018
The fact that he was willing to sell them something dispels the notion that he doesn't want to do business with gays.
Arashilar 06.05.2018
Mr K quit spreading lies
Dosar 09.05.2018
Yes. They have the right to speak that. I don't have to tolerate their views at all. Racism isn't a protected class, and if someone is refused service based on that, it isn't discrimination.
Morn 10.05.2018
I stopped responding to her directly as she gets quite irate and somewhat insulting when her delicate theses are challenged.
Nilmaran 20.05.2018
You tell me. You brought it up.
Samur 21.05.2018
Would you care to actually answer the question? So far all you have does is respond with logical fallacies and ad hominems. You made the statement, and claimed its absurdity, i'd just like to know what your proof to the claim is, you know, since the burden is on you.
Tygosar 01.06.2018
or with master rabbit (his absence is also noted) :P
Goltigal 01.06.2018
I don't think we need a Utopian world to do either of those things. They used to be par for the course in America. Now the etreme left is seeking to "fundamentally transform" that.
Mikanos 02.06.2018
Firstly, I am not saying the RCC is a democracy. I was correcting your statement about RCC dogma. The popularity of the belief is a separate matter.
Nikorisar 12.06.2018
And if you read your history, you would know that the real story is pretty close to: God did it, God is reliable, therefore we can come to understand how it works. It is the Abrahamic tradition that got us out of the chaotic world of the arbitrary pagan gods. It was religion, not atheism.
Gardashakar 13.06.2018
"14 For ye shall not worship strange gods, for the Lord God, a jealous name, is a jealous God; 15 lest at any time thou make a covenant with the dwellers on the land, and they go a whoring after their gods, and sacrifice to their gods, and they call thee, and thou shouldest eat of their feasts, 16 and thou shouldest take of their daughters to thy sons, and thou shouldest give of thy daughters to their sons; and thy daughters should go a whoring after their gods, and thy sons should go a whoring after their gods. 17 And thou shalt not make to thyself molten gods. 18 And thou shalt keep the feast of unleavened bread: seven days shalt thou eat unleavened bread, as I have charged thee, at the season in the month of new corn; for in the month of new corn thou camest out from Egypt. 19 The males are mine, everything that opens the womb; every first-born of oxen, and every first-born of sheep. 20 And the first-born of an ass thou shalt redeem with a sheep, and if thou wilt not redeem it thou shalt pay a price: every first-born of thy sons shalt thou redeem: thou shalt not appear before me empty."
Grozragore 22.06.2018
?Have you considered that system of holy lies and pious frauds that has raged and triumphed for 1,500 years??
Nikosar 23.06.2018
Now that's a Crave Case I could get with.
Jugar 02.07.2018
Can't date you bc your first comments in a new place are about how much you can't stand the various waves of feminism. Way to just ram it in without even lubing us up first.
Tagore 03.07.2018
Same. Too soft.
Shaktik 05.07.2018
Try longer. Can you grasp longer?
JoJora 10.07.2018
You mean the god you cannot prove to exist.
Maunris 12.07.2018
I've relaxed over the years and I'm far more tolerant of religion these days, I'm certainly not one of those militant intolerant atheists. But I will firmly defend secularization. But just a firmly as I defend our freedom of religion.


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