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What a girl omg she has perfect body

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What a girl omg she has perfect body
What a girl omg she has perfect body
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Lies and deceit from the right. Their activist judges are attempting to control our lives. The swamp needs draining.
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So evolution can?t be the result of design?
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Showing how rude and obnoxious you can be? You were very transparent about that, but you usually are. "-)
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Relationship. Father-son like relationship.
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I think its very telling to note that atheists tap dance around the issue this OP presents when addressing Islam by pointing to Christian discrepancies.
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There is a problem with defining human life at conception. If you call abortion murder, and life begins at conception, aborting a fetus/human/baby conceived as the result of rape or incest is also murder. Would you agree? If you agree, then it would stand to reason that you feel no baby should be aborted no matter the circumstance because it would be murder, and what that would mean to me is that you are a horrible person. If you don't agree, that makes you a hypocrite.
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I'll pay you $50 to not share any more information.
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