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Urine and sex with women

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Urine and sex with women
Urine and sex with women
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Malalkree 03.07.2018
Invasion?! You dumbass, this country has already been taken over. My guess is that you?ve voted for it every step of the way.
Goltitilar 06.07.2018
How are Catholics "making an idol" of Mary? Most people confuse a representation such as a cross or statue of saints or Jesus vs. Idolatry
Mejas 08.07.2018
you know whats crazy, the snl tina fey impersonations of palin didnt need to write a lot of crazy shtt
Malat 09.07.2018
"Get offa me"
Yozshukora 11.07.2018
Where do you see licence given to rape or starve one's slaves? Again, I would direct you to my previous answer. I would rather be the slave of an Israelite than, say, a Canaanite. My Canaanitish master could beat me to death without any consequence whatsoever - my Israelite master would be punished for my homicide. The Law brought in regulation, not licence. In many instances it doesn't tell man what he should do, but rather what he shouldn't do.
Darr 18.07.2018
"that operation I heard specifically less about soldier misdeeds"
Zululrajas 27.07.2018
Like you, this guy is one of the biggest, ignorant assholes on the planet. White privilege, defined. GFY
Galmaran 04.08.2018
Again, what's the difference in your eyes between a cynical sentimental appeal and actually wanting to be helpful?
Dogis 05.08.2018
Then he knew his plan of salvation would be an almost complete failure. Was he too stupid to come up with another plan? Why did God have to use dangerous radiation as our only source of light and heat? That was either careless, stupid or both. What's up with this moron you call Jebus, God or whatever? Don't think I haven't noticed that you haven't answered my big question yet,. Coward, Chicken boy. Buk buk buk buk. Step up to the plate like a man for the first time in your miserable life. Boy.
JoJotaur 13.08.2018
Somewhere northwest of Nambia[sic]?
Gardakasa 16.08.2018
I feel that too but it will change eventually
Gomuro 21.08.2018
Exactly - Atheists tend to fight quite hard for government neutrality when it comes to religion. This includes recognizing the right of each person to have their own opinions ("beliefs") but it does not include in any way imposing those opinions on others.
Shalabar 24.08.2018
Not if you're traitor shrillary.
Nerr 26.08.2018
LOL. In your dreams cowboy.
Jusida 27.08.2018
It would be a hoot if he got
Gobei 02.09.2018
Yes a male Jew with the name Jesus existed in first century Palestine, scholars agree. The claim that is doubted is the claim that the New Testament Gospels are an accurate description of his words and deeds. Where is the evidence that the extraordinary claims are possible?
Nizshura 12.09.2018
Lets try it. I will "splooge" in your face and we will see if you or I get pregnant.
Voodoobei 15.09.2018
So what's the issue with educating children so they don't grow up to be idiots?
Doramar 20.09.2018
I think you are a little confused.
Kazisar 26.09.2018
A little clueless on the meaning of historical evidence are you?
Vudobar 01.10.2018
Did some leftist who couldn't let things go gun down a republican congressman at a baseball practice.
Kajigal 06.10.2018
Were they making light? It's one of those images designed to evoke a gut reaction.
Dami 14.10.2018
Care to point to where?
Zulugrel 19.10.2018
It is the low-info crowd that thinks that climate change cannot be affected by market influence. A carbon tax is coming whether Ford and his followers want it or not. Ford could have made changes, but instead elected to blow it all up and hand control of it over to the feds.
Nilkree 21.10.2018
I never denied gays are being beaten to death. I do agree, lots of bigotry exists out there. However, you dont get to tell me that I HAVE to agree with the lifestyle. I am not a bigot for saying that I dont agree. I dont give a shit who marries who and why, go ahead..get married..I will go to the wedding, I will bake a cake. What I will not do is let anybody tell me what I should think, or how I should worship and I will ridicule any fool that tries to pin me as a bigot when Ive displayed nothing of the sort.
Meztinos 25.10.2018
Not sure why people think others need to prove that their delusions are not real? Or that brainwashed people expect others to just agree with their assertions?
Zuzuru 02.11.2018
Don't wait too long to find out!!! :)
Taugrel 10.11.2018
Nope there is evidence.
Nakasa 12.11.2018
*high ten* * watches boobs jiggle * ??
Jukus 12.11.2018
Again, it seems you do not have a grasp of what "free speech" is or what it is all about.
Gukinos 19.11.2018
"one person's success narrative..." usually it's bigger than one person's narrative. It snowballs. Entire companies stand on their employee's backs to make shareholders wealthy and fat. CEO pay has skyrocketed while the average employee (who is every bit as vital to the success of the corporation) suffers with stagnant wages. Tax cuts get passed to shareholders too.
Daikus 21.11.2018
It's literally not the way you imply. Pharaoh made his choices of his own free will.
Tagrel 30.11.2018
Perfectly designed, huh? How's that appendix of yours?
Kijas 08.12.2018
Don't believe me, look it up fascinating stuff.


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