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Incorrect interpretation of John 19:27. The rest of this is nonsense.

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Sex with friends hot mom
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Salabar 27.04.2018
That's great. Is it primarily the free gift aspect that swayed you to select this religion among all the many competing options that you evaluated?
Nesho 06.05.2018
That's why we have something called medishare. See, that's an example of middle ground.
Naramar 13.05.2018
Whatever dude. You don't know what you're talking about and that Russia babble has gotten old. Please don't keep showing how truly dumb that you are. You obviously, don't know business and this businessman is getting things done ... unlike that empty suit, ISIS promotor Obama. Enjoy "resisting" loser. For us winners, we're going to let the good times roll. And for at least another two years after the November election.
Mezijin 16.05.2018
I can't date you, because you're a sexist a-hole.
Tejind 21.05.2018
He didn?t say all black people are animals, or even many black people are animals, he merely said this black man is an animal. See the difference.
Mazull 31.05.2018
Oh? A unicorn left that gun?
Kishura 07.06.2018
"Just to remind you thousands of times the forgeries and the lies Hebrew-Christians committed in the past, that you do not want to admit!"
Jujind 10.06.2018
"Really? It was partially in jest, partially sarcastic. Don't be so touchy."
Maramar 12.06.2018
That's because there hasn't been a cogent, intelligent explanation to help us understand.
Dule 18.06.2018
Thieves don't kill you or layoff nurses like Harris did.
Fejora 18.06.2018
No, they ruled over how the council spoke to him, nothing more. Its not fear mongering, when someone who thought the ruling was what you thought it was, did the very thing I have told you for months they would do.
Tojarisar 25.06.2018
I appreciate your well-considered comments, too, P the Ponzi. I?m glad to be able to engage in such constructive dialogue with you.
Fenrisida 27.06.2018
Ah, but he changed it via executive order which does not appear to be Constitutional. The Flores case out of the 9th Circuit requires children to not be in custody longer than 20 days. Trumps executive order allows kids to not be separated but already the democrats are talking about suing Trump based on the Flores ruling. Essentially, the dems want entire families released into the wind based on their promise to come back for their court date.
Fegal 03.07.2018
Ant man and the Wasp, and any Marvel movies that come out.
Fausida 06.07.2018
Dont you mean everyone on every channel he been to
Tasar 11.07.2018
Agreed, it will be extremely difficult. It?s very hard to do this.
Zululrajas 20.07.2018
I'm too afraid to ask.
Kazisida 27.07.2018
very nice. Every one has different tastes. She would hurt me mentally and physically.
Mihn 05.08.2018
Sounds like an opinion based on belief and faith rather than evidence
Zulkigul 10.08.2018
Where are His fruits?
Gardagul 13.08.2018
So, your answer is that God deliberately created a geological record in the earth that would not be consistent with His Holy Book but would be consistent with the theory of evolution because...? Because He likes to give us conflicting information as a puzzle to solve?
Tobar 17.08.2018
OK thanks! I?ll read it over. Unlike someone else I know, who just glances over stuff.
Meztigal 23.08.2018
We move the goal posts morally all the time. Our morals today are completely different than 500 years ago which were completely different than 1000 years before that. Slave ownership used to be moral. As were witch burnish and public floggings and stoning.
Kasida 29.08.2018
Isn't it sad that people think they need religion just to live peacefully in this world.
Kajitaxe 04.09.2018
You obviously are your god, so what are you doing here.
Akisar 06.09.2018
It's the best - the everythings. My Dad use to do work in the city, and he would bring us back bagels from H&H bagels. When my brother worked with him, he speaks fondly of how great it smelled because they were there in the early morning hours when they were first cooking all the bagels. They also use to make this variation of a bagel ...and I don't know how it's spelled but it sounds like "be-alie"...they were thinner like-bagels with the same crisp outside and doughy inside and they would have a thin layer of bread with onion and seeds in the middle of it that would crips up so nicely when toasted. Those were my favorite. I don't know if they make them anymore. You can't get bagels like that anywhere else but NYC.
Gukazahn 09.09.2018
What gun is needed for what occasions.
Shasho 19.09.2018
"STILL, just correcting 20-30 years will be great for archaeology."
Zologar 24.09.2018
Anything to back up all of that?
Arashikazahn 03.10.2018
Ok sexual chocolate...carry on
JoJozahn 12.10.2018
At least the guys do... ;-)
Salkis 13.10.2018
"White people have a proud tradition of taking things that used to belong to people of color"
Faukinos 19.10.2018
LMFAO. You know what Johan Abrahams? Let's take your premise as real. Let's take your fairy tale and say it is real. That the bs story of heaven and hell exists. Ok?
Kigasida 20.10.2018
Well apparently you should plan on arriving 2-1/2 hours early on meeting days like if you were going to airport for international flight \S.


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