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A little hyperbole never hurts!

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Sex stories glory hole
Sex stories glory hole
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Voodooshura 17.04.2018
If left unchecked it eventually will become a #MeToo worthy event.
Gardakus 20.04.2018
Why is it surprising? The liberal mob in universities has been discriminating people whose political views they don't like. And the WT didn't report on it. That is the kind of society we observe in the US today. Aggressiveness on both sides.
Goshura 25.04.2018
I can give you historical evidence of his existence according to the scriptures. In John he told the religious leaders that before Abraham was " I am". in 1st Corinthians 10 Paul wrote that when the children of Israel drank from that rock which was Christ. In the book of beginnings when there was only one language during time of Nimrod "God says let us" go down and confuse their language so they would spread out across the then known world
Sham 29.04.2018
You really are stubborn and yes you are reading it wrong. You have your confirmation bias making you draw conclusions that are not entirely correct.
Mobei 08.05.2018
Where have you been -- on Venus? LOL. I am not here to back up claims. I am not here to debate.
Zugami 16.05.2018
So, we keep kickin' the can down the road.
Mokinos 23.05.2018
Let's take a poll of fathers in red states. Which honor would you rather your son have in high school:
Mezahn 30.05.2018
In this context, it isn't the same thing. Try to keep focus.
Mogrel 05.06.2018
Even before they were written.
Vuk 09.06.2018
Too bad I went be dealing with your god in either circumstance.
Goltiran 14.06.2018
Yes, thank you. It is actually a song by Matthew West: "Power, Love, Sound Mind". Very good song :)
Goltira 22.06.2018
An advanced one.
Gardanos 26.06.2018
I have to agree with you. You got me there.
Grolar 30.06.2018
Naughty children need to be raped and murdered? That's what God, the FATHER allows.
Gagar 10.07.2018
I'm not condemning you. I've told you clearly what the Bible says. Your twisting "reasoning" isn't going to change the fact that you are only homosexual ultimately by choice and by choice (to stay in it). I may not know you personally, but I know others like you and I also know my God. And I know He would never create something that was an abomination to Him. Time and again he showed that homosexuality and the practice of it is an abomination to Him. No matter what you FEEL Jesus did condemn the homosexuals which I showed you before clearly. But you insist in ignoring His very words that you are going to the Lake of Fire if you don't repent and come out of what is an abomination to him. The choice is yours. But you'd better choose to repent soon before it's too late. It would be terrible for you to die and find out you were wrong - eternally wrong.
Meshura 19.07.2018
Interesting. I hadn?t heard the use of the terms disposer or placer before. I tried to confirm it but couldn?t using my usual sources. That doesn?t mean you are incorrect, just that it?s not readily verifiable for me.
Kijas 19.07.2018
No. I need clarification from the other CP
Arazuru 21.07.2018
You are like DT himself: never answering a question.
Kidal 24.07.2018
I can imagine what life must be like in your fantasy of ancient Hebrew religious culture. One fellow says to the next: "Hey, Jack overslept. Dang. OK, kill him." Essentially, though I suspect you would call yourself an atheist, you are embracing a hard core literal religious fundamentalist interpretation of this material, which, frankly, is not reasonable, not for modern folks.
Yozshut 29.07.2018
I could name 10 secular countries that are more prosperous in every manner mentioned off the top of my head.
Tauzahn 08.08.2018
They are laws about killing a woman or a woman who has decided to have a child. Notice they are all about the womans desires and wants?
Teran 10.08.2018
"If I am mentally incompetent, I may not have the mental ability to make a choice but I still have the right. I am just unable to exercise that right."
Kazrakinos 11.08.2018
not exactly scriptural there. there are many verses that give specific instructions on how to rub the lamp and get what you ask for. there are also those that say you can change god's mind.
Mikakus 12.08.2018
What do you suppose China uses as an excuse to block certain sites. You are restricted from seeing certain sites, of course they tell you it's for your own good. If you had half a fucking brain you'd use tor to bypass it.
Akinojin 20.08.2018
What you just said was that scientists believe "knowledge" can be had by means other than empiricism. I have repeatedly pointed out that knowledge of things can only be had by the senses, and you elide that difference here. I have also pointed out that the test is the empirical component. Maybe you should my comments again. Or your own.
Sagar 22.08.2018
I have no idea what argument you think you're making, other than garbling up the nonsensical claim that evolution is as certain as gravity. When scientists say that, they are engaging in "equivocation", which is mixing up two distinct definitions of a word. They mean that variation across generations is as certain as gravity, and hoping you think that means universal common descent is certain.
Sakus 25.08.2018
The idea that millions of refugees only want to get to a particular country to facilitate mooching is painting with a pretty broad brush and smacks of nothing more than bigotry.
Zubar 29.08.2018
Not sure what Westboro has to do with the point made. Your question makes no sense but if you can make a rational connection, I will happily answer.
JoJoramar 09.09.2018
We looked after a 23 year old (I think) cat for my wife's friend. I thought it passed any time it stopped moving or feel asleep. Thankfully he made it until she came back from vacation.
Dacage 11.09.2018
"Gays have job security, can live wherever they want"
Karisar 18.09.2018
Actually no, since I?m here on a site that the majority don?t share my views. I use facts. You snowflakes can?t stand facts. Like your hero.
Mikajinn 28.09.2018
It still cracks me up that you do things like declare Abraham not existent or Jesus as a myth and then turn right around and use the Bible (which you say was written by men about a non-existent God) to prove your point.
Douzuru 05.10.2018
This is what happens when nation states (The Vatican) are not allowed to campaign and influence other nations elections.
Torg 07.10.2018
"If people would just read the words as they were written as God intended them to be then there would be no issues."
Voodoolar 13.10.2018
Gee, ya think?


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