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Private Anal Sex
Private Anal Sex
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JoJoramar 01.05.2018
This guy wants to volunteer...
Bagore 10.05.2018
Buddy, he was just some guy that lived during that time. It wasn?t until 50 years later that a few people decided to turn him into a symbol to rally behind. And it?s just snowballed from there on. As Christianity being the single most influential force in Western Development... let?s not get carried away. It was more or less British Colonialism that powered that machine.
Yozshushura 16.05.2018
I honestly don?t. I just know it?s something I could never do.
Kagabei 21.05.2018
That's true Didi, there is a lot of hysteria over "Swedish rape" in the right-wing MSM and it is certainly absurd for Americans to obsess over. But from a European perspective I do think there is
Samunris 25.05.2018
I've no reason to believe religion gives us anything that secular (not science) sources can give. Heck, science can do a better job at informing us about how to best approach issues like loss or socializing.... and when we find it doesn't work- unlike a religious ritual- it can be changed with little fuss or fanfare. Why even involve a god or deity or system of belief?
Tojakus 28.05.2018
Your problem is that it is all premised on the first point which is the flimsy one. Firstly, being "overwhelmingly Christian" has evrything to do with US demographics rather than the law placing any sort of preference. Secondly, exemption is not gifting. There are many types of similar agents that are similarly exempt in many manners: charities, non-profits, heck even corporate sports tickets.
Arashigal 05.06.2018
If you've texted them or emailed them from your phone, that's probably how.
Maujinn 08.06.2018
Post on Disqus or it never happened.
Temi 16.06.2018
I'm glad Justice Soto penned an emotional and shaky dissent that ignores the dispassionate approach to the law required of the highest court in the land.
JoJolrajas 26.06.2018
Got it. My understanding is that we as readers need to look at not just the words on the page but what kind of words they are. Revelation, for example, is apocalypic literature. Similar to other kinds of apocalyptic literature before (Daniel) and at the same time (Qumran scrolls). They use figurative language to reveal grand truths about why things are the way they are, as well as what will happen as a result. They are very much like political cartoons in that they use common images and exaggerations to prove a point. If we see an image of a fat politician with the head of a donkey, we don't assume this is some sort of genetic monster but a representation of political excess of a political party. Revelation is kinda like that. But like we don't get 19th century political cartoons because we don't know the imagery or context most of the time, we get lost in the imagery with Revelation.
Vudokazahn 30.06.2018
Don't forget pork roasts!
Dougis 06.07.2018
Care to deal with my clarified claim? Do you dare think about what is actually claimed FOR evolution, and think about whether it makes sense and/or has any actual evidence?
Yosida 13.07.2018
Ok, so if an illegal immigrant comes here and claims asylum....what government agency has to investigate their claim? Now, when an immigrant comes to a port of entry to claim asylum (while never breaking any immigration laws), what government agency has to investigate the claim? Psst, I'll give you a hint....its the SAME agency. And they are bogged down with requests year after year.
Jur 14.07.2018
No, I am not making things up, but you keep going with that if it makes you feel better about yourself and let's you sleep better at night ok?
Mikanos 21.07.2018
All of it. Any other dumb questions?
Yozshukasa 26.07.2018
And just why shouldn't a woman be able to disguise herself if she so chooses? And why shouldn't a man be able to do the same if he so desires? Now, care to cite this law prohibiting you from wearing a balaklava anytime you wish.
Gardajora 29.07.2018
I did not say Jesus was AGAINST gov programs. If a gov program was legitimately enacted that did not encourage able bodied people to become permanent wards of the State, I do not think He would be against it. I just think He would prefer volunteer and faith based agencies. Like Christian hospitals, etc.
Zulkizuru 01.08.2018
Ok slaver dude
Meztidal 06.08.2018
And yet that's not how he was brought into office was it? No, the Fundies all claimed (and still do) that this monstrosity is "God's appointed man" for the office.
Arashizil 06.08.2018
Good luck with that in Europe! I asked for ice once and the waiter went home to get some.


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