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No. Israel is God's "child". The entire Scriptures ARE about Israel. It is an "example" for us.

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Old teen planet menu
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Zulkilmaran 06.05.2018
The one you were brainwashed to believe in? Think I do. It does not exist.
Gardasida 08.05.2018
Heaven is vague. No one has a clear picture of what one will be doing for an eternity in heaven.Why? Because existing forever would be torture at some point you will have done everything you could possibly do you?ll get bored.
Gardagor 16.05.2018
Oh. If they give money to charity or for charity, that would be tax exempt just like it is for anyone, so I don?t know why you?d raise that point. But why should money used for the church be tax exempt? If I give money to charity for a tax write off, I?m still open for an audit. Why shouldn?t a church be the same way? I?ve never heard anyone give a substantive reason that religious money should be tax free with closed books. Nowhere is that in the founding documents. As I demonstrated above, frankly, it?s unconstitutional.
Vumuro 24.05.2018
That's a lot of questions lol
Doukus 03.06.2018
I did that with the first season, but I don't have patience and can't wait with this new season. You won't be disappointed!
Mazujin 13.06.2018
"Firmament" is a word used in the KJV to describe the "expanse" between earth and space, our atmosphere, the bubble we see earth surrounded by from space. At the time of translation, there was no words to accurately describe it in English and the word used "firmament" carried the thoughts of the hard shell legend used - the same legends that describes the earth on elephants standing on a turtle and that "scientists" thought contains the heavens. Wrong notions that were not supported by the Bible. (But, shhhh! don't tell anyone! They'll burn you to the stake for heresy and reading the Bible for what it SAYS and not what they tell you it says!!)
Kinos 14.06.2018
Why would you think that?
Vulkree 24.06.2018
Hmm. If you're drilling as far down as questioning whether gravity and physics are real, well, it's not impossible - very little is outright impossible - but it doesn't leave us much to work with. Physics has been poked and prodded from all sorts of angles for a millennia and it's held up. At this point I'd be leery to say it's not real without some strong evidence to the contrary.
Vojin 28.06.2018
Does Ontario wants to be known as Trumpism North?
Meztimi 04.07.2018
LOL it does I guess this is where tv gets it
Akigrel 13.07.2018
Of course not, for any profits.
Tygosho 15.07.2018
13 tribes,,, Genesis 48:8-19 and Numbers 2... and here they are in order.
Vokinos 21.07.2018
'Bad hombres.' Friends of Trump in Atlantic City.
Akill 30.07.2018
Generally, if a post exceeds 5 lines, I don?t bother reading it.
Dazilkree 08.08.2018
Jesus paid for our sins of the Cross, past present and future! We are not to keep sinning but live righteously. We will never be perfect on this side of death, but we are being changed by the Spirit of God into the Image and Likeness of Christ each and every day. Praise God!


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