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Kazrakazahn 31.05.2018
Interesting concept but beauty is a judgement on the physical appearance of something not a thing in and of itself. (Yes, beauty can be a more abstract concept, but then it is even less of a thing.)
Fern 04.06.2018
Other people besides white people abort fetuses.
Malakus 10.06.2018
Ex nihilo creation by Gods does not start out with nothing either -- you have a God to start with.
Kajigore 15.06.2018
Good advice. I've worn myself out on another channel constantly fighting misconceptions and outright lies. I sometimes wonder if it's worth it.
Shakaran 19.06.2018
And the damage control for B. Hussein Obama continues, as predicted.
Galkree 21.06.2018
No. That is incorrect. The "big bang" is not observable and is also not characterized as "supernatural". There is a reason for that.
Jujas 28.06.2018
Why bother? Convincing people of that truth is impossible: Conservatives believe their economic fantasies as a religion.
Vudosida 30.06.2018
as you wish
Nasida 08.07.2018
That's even worse to me...every day,
Malazil 11.07.2018
Which version do I prefer? Tyndale.
Tojaran 14.07.2018
Most of them believe it because that is what their local culture and family believes. Then when dreams and feelings come along, their imagination then frames them in the context of their pre-conceived worldview.
Kigarr 19.07.2018
Since I've been heavy into genealogy for many years, it's easier to grasp the concept. Tracing a line from today backwards, one would think "okay, everybody has a mom". But tracing a line from say 8-10 generations ago to today, it becomes obvious how it happens. Many women never married, or only had sons, or had daughters who never married, or only had sons, or no children at all. Every line I've traced has broken lines on either the male side or the female side. Some lines virtually disappear. Example: My Grandmother was a McConnell. Traced this line back to GGG-Grandparents. Traced the line back down each of the descendants. Today, there are no members of this line named McConnell (although there are many who descend from the GGG-Grandparents).
Shar 26.07.2018
As a former believer who has had a lot of uncomfortable time analyzing my own motives I believe our religious impulses are part of what makes us human. I am an RN and I frequently have dying patients who are assured that they will awake in Heaven. I don't feel the need to disabuse anyone of that. Where I will resist it is when other people tell me that I have to curb my behavior because it offends them or their god. If your religion empowers you to get through your day then good luck. If it enables you to interfere with mine then we have a fight on our hands.
Brarn 30.07.2018
You mean when he claimed to be a prophet in Mark 6:4?
Fenrigis 01.08.2018
"That's the point, its not rational if the assumptions don't pan out in reality."
Dudal 04.08.2018
I will certainly will certainly try to watch him, I have heard about him. I am glad
Tucage 10.08.2018
Man emitting GHGs is normal, like 5KYA?
Taukinos 20.08.2018
That's a very foward survey request from someone so backward about dinoporn lol.
Goltijin 29.08.2018
thats a new one
Akinoshicage 08.09.2018
Our may was nice, but june has been in the 50's ... this sucks.
Mautaxe 12.09.2018
You mean the theory of evolution which you know nothing about, but only pretend to. Now, that, along with your severe Dunning-Kruger is the real tragedy--and the joke.
Salrajas 21.09.2018
Let me try it another way.
Shagor 23.09.2018
Don't take your child to afterschool activities you don't approve of. The end. The same school and library venues can be rented- equally by clergy or dragqueens. Don't like what Dragqueens do? Don't go on Dragqueen day.
Vudozahn 29.09.2018
To which "thing" are you referring to?


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