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"we should focus on getting peeps back in the workforce,"

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Gazahn 25.08.2018
I didn't say it does. I simply disagreed with your first comment that opposing abortions wasn't a religious position."
Gale 02.09.2018
At first I thought that perhaps it was all drunk ranting. But....he isn't backing down on his comments so that isn't the case.
Zusho 04.09.2018
Not sure, but it is some form of social media, FB I presume?
Mazuramar 08.09.2018
That isn't what I was implying. In fact, I didn't even mention christianity. I kept it very generalized to religion
Bagore 14.09.2018
You might want her to. :)
Kilabar 17.09.2018
Do you make those?
Zulkis 27.09.2018
Congrats, fire one up!
Kigalmaran 07.10.2018
Amen religious bro
Dulabar 08.10.2018
Sorry, but no - SCOTUS did not rule on the religious liberty issue, the decision was really a due process / expression decision. All the court decided was that by publicly announcing their contempt for the baker and his religious views they deprived him of a fair hearing, and thus their order he make a gay cake was null.
Male 18.10.2018
Two young singles getting it on when the students aren't around. Who is harmed and how?
Brazuru 22.10.2018
That's not how this works, but...
Faura 28.10.2018
That's "The Rory".
Bragore 31.10.2018
I don?t think he is.
Kajizilkree 05.11.2018
I guess that might be a downside for some people...
Tolmaran 15.11.2018
Yes. The government's financials are public knowledge. The government's financial statements are available online under the annual public accounts which could be found by anyone here:


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