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Massage to plump cunt
Massage to plump cunt
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Vudogore 03.09.2018
No true scotsman is a different fallacy. The no true Scotsman that pops up on these boards is "Well... no real Christian would authorize the murder of heretics." Conveniently definining Christian away from those Christians that historically did engage in behaviour X.
Arashakar 10.09.2018
No lying here. You are obviously one of those so intent on attacking Christianity that you swallow whatever someone claims about being a Christian, either about themselves or others, with complete disregard of their conduct. Go your own way.
Brale 11.09.2018
Including your god?
Mosar 20.09.2018
Reason. To take reason as credible is contrary to reason.
Mooguzahn 29.09.2018
There are many kinds of "evidence" that physical science Cannot measure. It doesn't make them any less real. We have no evidence of dark matter, yet many believe in the theory that it exists.
Malashicage 07.10.2018
Not long ago, I saw a young couple that I assumed were representing some protestant church organisation. They were wearing matching tee shirts that had an image similar to this one.
Grozshura 08.10.2018
Dig deep enough who and what G- D ( god ) was he did.
Mezilmaran 08.10.2018
I don't think I got it. I have a garden. Tell me what does it have to do to Koran? And why do you call it heaven?
Dilkis 15.10.2018
No, no, the article is about Islam, not Christianity.
Kajizshura 22.10.2018
witch !!! :) LOL!!!
Tenris 28.10.2018
Here's the whole problem with your argument. There isn't an "ideology" of atheism. Atheism is a singular stance or statement on one question. My being an atheist doesn't define me as far as what I believe morally, or ethically, or what I like or don't like. There's nothing with atheism that informs my actions that you could point to, as you have with religions. When a christian refuses service to a homosexual, or protests an abortion clinic, or funerals, or lobbies against birth control....there are specific beliefs you can point to that inform those actions from the specific religion in question. Atheism isn't a system, it doesn't have rules, it doesn't have mantras....or anything like that. The only thing all atheists have in common for certain is non-belief in god(s). I've been to atheist conventions where I've encountered drastically different personalities than mine. I've seen republican atheists, conservative, anti-abortion, racist, flat earther atheists, 9/11 conspiracy, belief in alien abductions......I mean all kinds of atheists and none of these things you can point back to and say "oh he believes that because of this scripture in the book of atheism".....because there is no book of atheism or ideology of atheism. Atheism doesn't mean a person believes in science, or is liberal, or is anti-religious, or has no morals...or anything like that. The only thing me being an atheist did, was force me to look at my beliefs deeply and decide what and who I wanted to be as a person. It also gave me a thirst for knowledge and a drive to live the best life I possibly could. By your own admission in your last sentence, we have no written dogma....so I'm not sure how you can call it a faith, when there's nothing to examine with regards to what we believe. Now as far as morality is concerned, I don't go to my "atheism" to inform that. I follow Humanism with is a moral system with a set of beliefs and can certainly provide an excellent reason why genocide is wrong. So instead of attacking atheism for what it isn't....how about you talk to an atheist on an individual level and find out what it is that the person actually does believe and stop assuming you already know everything about us. Your whole rant here kind of proves what I said before and why I come here....to clear up misconceptions and confusions....which you do have. Hopefully you learn from this.
Fezragore 05.11.2018
I certainly understand that you see things differently. It glorifies both things, as I see it.
Jutilar 12.11.2018
That's the reason why we ended up selling our house in the first place. In 2008 our mortgage was $750 that's HOI and Taxes included. Over 10 years our payment, thanks to escrow, had gone up to $1200.
Vudonos 19.11.2018
Double negative, so...you think they really don't have something better?
Grodal 27.11.2018
Reagan would have LOVED to put on the Court the same sort of racist miscreants Trumpolini loves, but he couldn't get away with it. Tip O'Neill would have put an end to it quickly.
Kagore 05.12.2018
Maybe lose the snarky then sis? lol
Jurg 10.12.2018
Theyre in shop and store windows all over the city should not be to hard
Migal 12.12.2018
We agree! Christianity gets in the way of my liberty yet I do not call for its abolition. Indeed, despite Christianity getting in the way of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I (stupidly?) defend it's right to exist.
Yozshugul 15.12.2018
No. Its not.
Volabar 18.12.2018
You realize how incredibly stupid that sounds.
Kazralar 26.12.2018
Based on our universe?
Kajijinn 30.12.2018
Obviously too logical because it threw a temper tantrum over it. Flipping over indoctrinated anti Semitic bigot...
Tojin 09.01.2019
I haven't said it had
Kajilabar 12.01.2019
In my mind every man specifies 9 LOLOLOL
Kerg 16.01.2019
I have agree with this one....
Volar 18.01.2019
You might consider rereading the first couple of pages of the ruling, specifically those parts about
Juzragore 21.01.2019
I agree. I don't see any reason to think that self-identifying Christians who don't go to church might not actually be Christians.


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