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In the Reich Sexual Revolution Report on Philosophy

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I didn't mince words, I called you wrong

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Zolobei 16.06.2018
Really? Harry Potter?
Zumi 18.06.2018
Just one point about empathy - bullies and psychopaths are very empathetic - that's how they know how to hurt people effectively.
Tatilar 23.06.2018
Tip Ray ...does not understand political structure... you be banging head against wall.
Zunos 25.06.2018
Its home country doesn't have snow. I love snow.
Vudal 01.07.2018
Non sequitur. Nothing you stated specifically has anything to do with unknowing and lack of belief having different definitions. They are one in the same.
Mishura 10.07.2018
Chuckle ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Nigor 18.07.2018
66 would represent that it is written to man. However, 6+6 equaling 12, which is the number of Governmental perfection, or 66 divided by two equaling 33, the age of Christ at His death. Another could be 66 divided by 3 equals the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet. The list can go on.
Akinomi 28.07.2018
That science does not know how the universe was created cuts two ways. First, it does not follow that, because we do not know, God did it (God of the gaps). We don't know that. Second, it does not follow that, because we do not know, God could not have done it. We don't know that either. A watchmaker God could have said "Shazam," created the universe and all its laws, and then retired from further intervention. We would be none the wiser, for such a Divine process would be indistinguishable from a purely natural process. The argument is similar to that of Radical Skepticism. For all you know, you could be a sim living in the Matrix or a person living in a God-created universe. There is no way to tell.
Juzuru 31.07.2018
Brin Mar. Easy.
Tojat 09.08.2018
"The fact that, to my opinion, it does not do damage because it does not overrule normal people's tendency to be benevolent towards eachother, is no excuse that it should not be put on the list of dirty child abuse tricks." -- Then I have misunderstood this sentence.


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