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So... this is the introduction of prayers to Allah in school. No thanks. You can go back to Saudi Arabia.

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Hot mom bends over sex video
Hot mom bends over sex video
Hot mom bends over sex video
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Takinos 28.07.2018
Yes, God is all knowing, he even knows how someone is going to die before they were even in the womb. You can try and limit the concept of God all you want, but the Bible doesn't help you.
Dalabar 07.08.2018
Hold up. Christian privilege?
Kajirr 09.08.2018
But how do you KNOW it's that God?? As Scrooge said, "...maybe it's just an underdone potato?"
Kigakasa 15.08.2018
"No refuge could save the hireling and slave/From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave"
Shaktijinn 23.08.2018
Don't you see difference between actions of people condemned for their atrocity and an ideology which sanctifies atrocities?
Kazrall 01.09.2018
So, only "conservatives" who happen to be either Evangelical or White Catholics?
Malazilkree 05.09.2018
Surely not ..... The children killer will be punished as much as they deserve .. especially when they lie on Him that He told them to kill suckiling babies like the zionists do
Zulkira 12.09.2018
To be perfectly frank, this whole kerfuffle was about two men with financial means and of a particular polemic stance from one state, who traveled to a completely different state chosen specifically because it had a particular law which favored their polemic, and who chose to select a craftsman of a polemic which they knew to be different from their own, and to use their resources to publicly humiliate and crush him, using the law not to defend themselves against a wrong, but as an offensive club to make a name for themselves and their polemic.
Kazrajin 21.09.2018
What mistake have I made now?
Telrajas 26.09.2018
Colleges need less Simona Sharoni and more Jordan B. Peterson.
Kazitaur 29.09.2018
Yeah - to mother.
Kagasar 04.10.2018
That would be idolatry. The G-D of your fathers, the G-D of Israel is Creator of the heavens and earth. What we know of Him, He revealed to us.
Tasar 12.10.2018
Because the idea of God [in this case: "an incomprehensible being above everything else and unlike anything else, yet making sense to me"] could never be conceived by humans without supernatural influence - God exists.
Mooguzahn 18.10.2018
context: another day on the internet :)
Tojar 19.10.2018
You?re saying they?re mad at hypothesis, observation, analysis, and conclusion?
Zulkitaur 21.10.2018
We've got to be able to look past people's vile nature and see their skills, both to beware of the risks and appreciate the benefits.
Malakree 30.10.2018
No, it's been about 8 years now.
Meztill 31.10.2018
So - are you trying to say something like Ebola is perpetuated by man? Interesting...
Jujar 01.11.2018
It takes me months to remember a persons name.
Kagore 09.11.2018
The child who doesn't steal because its wrong is more moral than the one that doesn't steal for fear of getting caught
Doktilar 17.11.2018
"We can't know from science if it is imaginary or real". What other mechanism would you suggest?
Shaktikazahn 18.11.2018
she does not use Uber for her pets... She cares.
Gulabar 22.11.2018
I call it, progress.
Zololkis 25.11.2018
sadly cant counter that strong reducto.
Akiran 01.12.2018
All stories should be taken with a degree of skepticism.
Goltizilkree 07.12.2018
"If Christ set us free from trying to get to god, why do you have to worship him to get to god?"
Kazramuro 17.12.2018
Alas I'd love to be in relationship where this is common place. Instead we'd have insecurity, jealousy and shame.


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