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History of sex and sex offenders

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The additional incarnation of Jesus in the US makes Mormons heretical for mainstream Christians.

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History of sex and sex offenders
History of sex and sex offenders
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Gacage 10.06.2018
Are you truly attempting to deflect from what happened? Did you even readt the article??
Mogore 17.06.2018
(1) We may be there with Orca Whales. What do we expect human intelligence would look like if we didn't have thumbs?
Kazinris 20.06.2018
Your illegal business of teaching people the law, without a license?
Kazijar 27.06.2018
I'm not interested in mythology but it is a cultural representation of a single divinity. All the gods represent a force of nature and there is always a Boss god.
JoJolmaran 03.07.2018
"Space Ghost knows"
Dougul 10.07.2018
How does a trillion different cells equal you?
Felmaran 19.07.2018
I just asked questions. I assume I was banned - permanently - because my questions probably indicated I did not accept Leftism.
Kazigami 21.07.2018
That's why I'm surprised there's no miracles about Gandhi yet.
Jukree 24.07.2018
Waters did not encourage violence. Trump is the one who does that.
Sarisar 02.08.2018
Im dealing with erratic emotional posters trying to put words in my mouth, losing their shit when I pose questions and being called a bigot for good measure...
Yole 07.08.2018
Believing in things that are PROVED is not really a sign of open mindedness. Just saying.
Feshicage 14.08.2018
nope never and now I want a necklace with the words poom poom on it ROFL
Malashakar 16.08.2018
why does nothing like this ever happened for me??.. I would love to participate in some hyper-emotional nonsense.
Kazit 16.08.2018
The same people who wanted these statues torn down love/defend communism and socialism which are ideologies that have killed 3 - 10x more people than fascism or Confederates ever have either by polices or deliberate killings. If there is anything that should be torn down it should be anything related to Che, Mao, Stalin, Lennin, Marx. Its no different than having a Hitler statue.
Nikotaxe 22.08.2018
Regarding the first question about evolution creating another sapient sentient life here on Earth.
Golmaran 26.08.2018
I go with America is a government that represents their people.
Mezshura 02.09.2018
Write down a reminder to write it down.
Arashitaur 04.09.2018
So where do you stand in the philosophical question? I ask this because this sets in motion the rest of your belief.
Gabei 10.09.2018
...& posession of roughly 3,000 kilos of cocaine.
Sagore 15.09.2018
say cam shafts!


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