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Overall, violent crime has been steadily decreasing since the 1980's.

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Guys with sexy foot
Guys with sexy foot
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Jujin 29.08.2018
Fair enough, and here I was about to accuse you of speaking for Homosexual Liberals.
Fern 30.08.2018
Better yet, where are the adolescent girls
Kazit 05.09.2018
and still is. She has been called so many horrible things
Vudole 15.09.2018
We're only just getting more so-called "plus sized" models (but really shouldn't they be called "average" sized models? Everything is a little bit odd when it comes to fashion). And aren't many clothing retailers/department stores in Chapter 11 because they are not catering to their customers and providing clothing for them to wear?
Mauhn 23.09.2018
"If Obama or Clinton" There's a world of difference between a President and Nielsen and Sanders. LOL
Dougar 29.09.2018
thats the best you got boy?
Maurisar 04.10.2018
Ah, you're using the Royal we.
Kagataur 06.10.2018
Got it. When a leftie does it, you're fine.
Kajile 13.10.2018
Why do to love Islam so much. Its almost as bad as you like abba
Yoran 21.10.2018
is it still harassment when the person they approach is charged with serious crimes and rightfully goes to jail for them ? c'mon people. this isn't harassment, it's police doing their job.
Kagalar 29.10.2018
It's over. Cavs are just playing dumb now.
Dairn 08.11.2018
Awww such a gentleman, NYC foxy fox.
Zulkijin 13.11.2018
There are attempts to kill Paul multiple times in Acts. He uses "I'm a Roman citizen" as a shield.
Douk 18.11.2018
Handful of salt or olives?
Kagakinos 23.11.2018
Jeez. It's so complicated. There can be differences between subjective and objective truths. The differences can be trivial, modest or very important. The difference seems to be objective truths, to the extent they exist at all, can be verified or tested somehow. Subjective truths may or may not be verifiable or testable.
Voodoobei 02.12.2018
I know you would, but this isn't really about you
JoJoll 12.12.2018
The NT says so. Not me.
Brarisar 13.12.2018
I'm not worried about it. You raised the question.
Mezticage 20.12.2018
Zolotaur 26.12.2018
Now we get into a slippery slope. Does the state have authority over you or do you have authority over the state. If the state can come and take your children because they want to force medicine on them, what makes it stop? If this is the case then the state has authority over you so then it can't be made up about the people. I just don't see this ending well or working.
Arashitaur 01.01.2019
"I didn't know she was Asian. Did you know? She's married to a black guy. Great person. Stands for the anthem. He loves me, right? I don't think many people know that.
Zulujinn 04.01.2019
Not true. I was raised Christian and raised with 'knowledge' that it is all true and with plenty of evidence. I looked for it with full expectation that it was there for all to see, so was actually surprise to me to find that there was none. Left me puzzled as to why people lie about it existing. But to say I didn't look is simply false. Failure is not mine, but with those who make false claims of evidence existing.
Gocage 12.01.2019
hahaha That's baloney to me, but its your belief, not mine.
Ferisar 14.01.2019
totally disregard all the history behind global trade agreements and just blame obama.
Mazusho 19.01.2019
of course they dont. It's not them being refused service or discriminated against.
Kijora 23.01.2019
He did NOT do so. But you...how many women or men have YOU lusted for?
Gardakasa 25.01.2019
Drinking warm Diet Coke. Life is cruel.
Yogor 28.01.2019
You lost once big time.153 years later the wound still with you ? Sad !
Kemuro 03.02.2019
Leaver her alone; she has to contend with all the stripper glitter from her crazy dream.
Kagarisar 07.02.2019
Seems the socialist experiment has been a complete and dismal failure. The voters have spoken, and they've done it in a loud and clear voice. The insanity stops now!
Kigara 15.02.2019
"Trump's tax reform is disproportionately a lot better for the wealthy than anyone else."
Yozshuzuru 16.02.2019
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