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Introducing My Swinger Wife

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It would have never occurred to me to call someone a dunce in order to discredit the claim that my frame of mind is unscientific, seeing how it in no way serves to validate my frame of mind.

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Free mature 50 something pictures
Free mature 50 something pictures
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Babei 18.04.2018
Be careful with that insult, it's an antique.
Dataxe 28.04.2018
That is why it is Godly Wisdom. Always works out as planned.
Faucage 08.05.2018
What's wrong with specifications?? I'm not saying go overboard and look for dust bunnies behind a bookshelf, but there have been plenty of times I've had to use the phrase "do it right the first time, or start again + 2 more chores" to the kiddos.
Sazuru 14.05.2018
And, in addition to being a dumb, white trash, piece of shit neo-Nazi, the Trumpkin (like all Trumpkins) has no fucking clue that treaties constitute the
Grora 18.05.2018
Liberals in Europe are no different than liberals in the US. They are desperate and have to resort to fabricating fake news.
Vukree 28.05.2018
(1) We don't know what the organic compounds were. We know rocks were heated, and they released chemicals like coal does, indicating the presence of organic compounds. But we have no idea what organic compounds they were, other than they were pretty complicated (e.g. not ethanol. propane or benzene).
Meztinris 01.06.2018
No they are not your killers and molesters. They are the same as you are but just don't have a deity. Killers and molesters can be religious and also believe in deities. We are people. All the same. What religion or god that you follow has nothing to do with anything.
Yozshugore 02.06.2018
Yeah, but that might be considered counterproductive.
Meztill 08.06.2018
Again with minimum wage. I don't care how much you make.
Tojagore 16.06.2018
For myself: I would like a romantic proposal followed by a rational discussion. Or, heck, maybe a rational discussion followed by a romantic proposal. Either way, I want both.
Zulkigrel 22.06.2018
If there was only some authority who could clear this up for us. Some
Faezilkree 24.06.2018
Tauzshura 02.07.2018
This can only mean one thing:
Malazragore 04.07.2018
If the word of God is complete and nothing else is needed, why can't any two people agree on what it means?
Shakasho 12.07.2018
Yes. You call a murderous god good, and an innocent scapegoat evil.
Tojasho 13.07.2018
But as I've stated, the "I don't know" isn't a common pretext of atheists. It's a common pretext of honest people. We truly don't know what caused the Big Bang. To suggest that a god did requires evidence. Evidence you don't have.
Mugore 20.07.2018
Recently DEBUNKED "settled" science ...
Vudojin 29.07.2018
God's actions are always Right and Fair. He gives FREE will and Amazing Grace, He made a way for us to come to Him.
Vudokus 30.07.2018
When it pulls a gun on you.
Daitaxe 04.08.2018
The rest is also either faulty or not evidence at all.
Tegrel 14.08.2018
Yes, actually. Christians in general signed up for a ban of SSM.
Faucage 24.08.2018
Here's a solution - Kevin Williamson, when asked about the penalty for abortion said
JoJobei 25.08.2018
oh please! no proof that a single religious claim can be independently verified. That is, the same for every religion.
Mezikree 02.09.2018
Valerian was a disappointment. Beautiful, but disappointing because I expected directing more like Fifth Element and less like Avatar meets a Star Wars prequel.


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