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Extreme bizzar sex tube
Extreme bizzar sex tube
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So, do have an argument, or...?
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Thank you for your thoughts. I do see faith as being fluid and also it is a journey. I appreciate and understand where you come from. ???????
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I detest them, but still wouldn't silence them. They are a good to have around for a contrast between extreme fundies and normal modern Christians.
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True and then one outgrows mere rationalism too - keep going
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People can get carried away with lots of things, but in the grand scheme of things...White males do seem to mostly have it made.
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What do you think it means?
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Not 9 ??????
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Doesn't he? I'm so confused!
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Tex is right! Friends have your back, they raise you up, not put you down!
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Evil man is the devil himself, what you need is to conquer him not by his world's but by the way the spirit leads. Its a temptation exercise of the devil.
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I DON'T need upvotes. Everyone upvote this.
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Morning all....two days away and if you vote NDP, this is the only gas anyone will be able to afford.....
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There's nothing original to be had when discussing what GDPR is and why some sites decided not to cater to Europeans due to it.


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