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Did iowa legalize gay marriage

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Czech Amateur Couple

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Hey, god wouldn't drown babies if it wasn't the right thing to do. Stupid secular laws say it's wrong. What right do they have?

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Did iowa legalize gay marriage
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Telrajas 25.05.2018
Why would the Almighty NOT allow one to suffer according to their own will?
Megar 27.05.2018
It's so funny!
Guk 01.06.2018
Your god is an arse then. He allows suffering because "it'll all be better later"...but oh wait, not unless they are christian. So if a person is good all their life, but suffers a tragic disease or is kidnapped and tortured for some time....but isn't a christian, then nothing makes it right because gods ego got hurt. Your beliefs are sick and twisted and not moral.
Negis 04.06.2018
They are advocating thier own view on everyone else, and many cliam that book very few understand it; as they place its authority in the hands of establishment rather then seeing it from the heart understanding the hard lessons that continually go unnoticed, many cliam God will test, but do they see test in front of them.
Faugor 06.06.2018
Ty Lue at halftime: "Let's score only 13 points in the 3rd so we can lull them into complacency. Then we make our move."
Tygojinn 16.06.2018
Hey the prodigal son has returned and the bank account must be empty. lol Good, Bad and Indifferent depending on who is trying to hang you any given day. Hope you had a great holiday and I may be the only one that missed you but I did miss you. lol
Yozshukasa 25.06.2018
Thanks, GR! And good morning!
Donris 03.07.2018
Same, Not sure if it was timing or what but this just seemed to get very few people.
Kishakar 07.07.2018
Well, yes it is. But then a lot of how the Bible is interpret is a bit of a stretch.
Vokasa 17.07.2018
'That's not accurate.'
Meztijora 23.07.2018
Well, to be fair, of all the world's religions, the Abrahamics are perhaps the most ideologically totalitarian, with Islam being the worst. Monotheism has some serious issues.
Tojanos 27.07.2018
2.8 billion years is quite a range of error :-)
Shaktitilar 29.07.2018
Well, you?ve got it!
Menos 30.07.2018
What is your argument? They should have a voice, but not much of one? They should have a voice, but not be on the news? They should be on the news, but only after some arbitrary amount of time since the latest gun-based massacre? They should have a voice, but the media should have to devote equal time to some other person's voice too?
Tegor 02.08.2018
Demonstrating that you don't know the first thing about evolution, much less biology in general. One creature doesn't change into another!
Tajora 03.08.2018
Good. Eye is still fuzzy but my only limitations are I can't recline or lay on my back, that gets old, and no roller coasters so I guess he means no shocks to the head. I also avoid driving at night as the glare can be pretty rough.
Vudom 14.08.2018
No. To ye tilki po anhlishkiy.
Zulkijind 14.08.2018
Exactly: The baker, and many other bakers and photographers, never refused goods and services
Tacage 25.08.2018
And that does not lead to your erroneous conclusion that non-believers are trying to disprove anything.


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