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The earth doesn't work that way!

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Big ass german lady
Big ass german lady
Big ass german lady
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Munos 14.04.2018
Still reeling from being rejected by the Liberals, this person keeps regurgitating on her own barf, by spewing the same insults over and over again.
Grojin 24.04.2018
Nah, I'm a casual amateur when it comes to Star Wars. by no means enough of a fan-boy to be part of a Star Wars channel, but I have enough respect for the source material to cringe at the way it was torched and then pissed on in the last installment. Rogue One was actually decent. But Force Awakens and Last Jedi were tripe.
Bralrajas 03.05.2018
oh damn, that's going to cost extra bc the cake place I'm ordering from is over an hour away.
Kajizahn 09.05.2018
That is just your fallible opinion and nothing more.
Goltilabar 18.05.2018
Johan I hope not. When I try to enlarge your photo you go all fuzzy. You look like Salvador Dali.....You are Either deadly serious or you're posting tongue in cheek. ?? ??
Zurg 22.05.2018
And how do you think the planet controls co2?
Zolosar 24.05.2018
I am not the one making the claim. Perhaps you do not understand how the "onus of proof" works? Google it. Education is free nowadays.
Kasida 30.05.2018
I?m of the opinion that once you start granting concessions and exemptions for this tribal and superstitious rot it doesn?t stop.
Meztijind 05.06.2018
Chic filet found out the hard way.
Fejind 07.06.2018
And it wasn't far fetched. Most of their friends were scared of me and I made my future daughter in law cry the first time she came to the house
Tojazahn 13.06.2018
Did or did not NASA, have faith in landing people on the Moon?
Dahn 20.06.2018
We can not. The dying earth proof that. And I can not toss My Bible as it is My Life.
Mosida 27.06.2018
Keep on deluding yourself about Hoggboi's advocacy.


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